Upgrade to Appspace 7.x On-Prem

This article provides the instructions to perform a full upgrade to Appspace on-prem 7.x, for existing Appspace customers running an older version of Appspace on-prem. Please follow the instructions in

Migrate Appspace On-Prem Server

This article is for IT Administrators who wish to migrate their current Appspace server to another server. The migration process involves backing up, restoring database tables stored in MySQL Workbench,

On-Prem Upgrade Paths & End-Of-Support Dates

This article lists the on-prem upgrade paths necessary for upgrading your Appspace on-prem deployments, and the end of support dates for older versions. Upgrade Paths See the following table for

Upgrade/Renew Appspace Cloud Subscriptions

This article provides the instructions to upgrade an Appspace Free account to an Appspace subscription plan. Now, you can do it immediately via the Account Management Portal, and all that

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