Cards: Display Announcements & Messages

Use the Announcement card in Appspace 8.0 to publish any type of corporate messaging and signage on the content portal, enterprise messaging apps, and TVs, as wallpapers on collaboration devices, or as video walls and multi-screen displays.

Setup Synchronized Playback Displays for Multiple Screens

This article provides the instructions to configure synchronized multimedia playback across multiple screens. Appspace applies the master-slave clock synchronization when scheduling content to ensure the unified synchronization of content across

Setup Video Wall Displays with Appspace

This article provides the instructions to configure multiple devices to work cohesively as video wall displays. As video wall displays include multiple display monitors and orientations, various hardware specifications, display

Appspace and Video Walls

This guide describes Appspace’s new multi-player approach for video walls. Appspace uses a high accuracy clock synchronization technology that allows multiple devices to work cohesively.

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