Add Advanced Channel (Sign)

This article provides the instructions to create, and configure advanced channels, previously known as a sign. Advanced channels offer features such as scheduled content playback, multi-zone layouts, custom resolutions, and

Widget: Media Zone

The Media Zone widget is the most common widget used to build advanced channels. From interface elements to content playlists, the Media Zone widget is highly flexible and can be

Widget: Remote Control

This widget allows users to utilize an external device (e.g. DMP4310 remote control) to control event actions remotely in Advanced Channels. Action scripts are used to map a remote control

Widget: RSS Ticker

The RSS ticker widget displays a scrolling or fading ticker of RSS feeds. It provides a standardized solution to automatically display updated textual web feeds in a clean and easy-to-read

Widget: RSS Viewer

This widget displays live information from public or custom RSS feeds in a playlist of feed items. All RSS components such as headlines, media, and body content can be displayed

Widget: Table Listing

A Table Listing widget allows designers to create table listings to display any type of tabular information in a clear, easy-to-read format. This widget can be used to retrieve information

Widget: Text Ticker

This widget creates tickers with text elements that scroll or fade horizontally. This widget enables you to display any length of text continuously, with options to customize ticker direction and

Create Playlist in Media Zone Widget

This article provides the instructions to create a playlist of media files selected from the Library to be added to media zone widgets in advanced channel’s layout. Creating Playlists To

Widget: Weather

The Weather widget allows users to add live weather information to an advanced channel. With the Weather widget, you can display single or multiple day forecasts, with options to find

Widget: Add Widget to Advanced Channel

This article provides the instructions to add, edit, and manage your widgets within the Advanced Channel. Adding Widgets To add widgets, please follow the instructions below: Click Channels in the navigation

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