Last updated on September 28, 2015

Introduction to Widgets

Widgets are little applets that Appspace provides to represent dynamic data and visual elements in your Signs apps. Widgets, added to an application’s layout, define both the visual presentation and live data sources, such as weather information, news tickers, and event calendars for real-time updates.

The Appspace Widget Library contains a standard set of widgets, as well as customized widgets in categories such as Background Themes, Banners, Slide Shows, Content Holders, Clocks, Tickers, and Weather. You can add single or multiple widgets to each layout, to both passive and interactive applications.

Standard Widgets

The below are the Standard Widgets currently available in Appspace:

  • Media Zone


    Build the visual foundation of any application with media content, with the Media Zone widget. From backgrounds and interface elements to video playlists, the media widget is highly flexible and can be layered to form rich media interfaces.

  • Clock


    Display the current date and time with a wide range of formatting options using the Clock widget. You can also display single or multiple clocks with different time zone offsets in an application.

  • Media Container


    Create and manage multi-level menus containing media content and data for interactive apps with the Media Container widget. Link menu items to custom layouts and functions, or sync with external data sources for automated updates.

  • Plain Text


    Display static or dynamic text with a wide variety of formatting options including font styles, color, position, and rotation, with the Plain Text widget. The widget also supports scrolling text tickers.

  • Table Listing


    Create table listings to display any type of tabular information such as event timetables, currency exchange rates or stock indices. Bind to external data sources for automated updates.

  • Flash Container


    Embed Flash SWF files with extended scripting abilities with the Flash Container widget. Create custom functions by passing variables between the Flash Container and the application for custom interaction and data communication.

  • Weather Widgets


    Display live weather information for any location with the Weather Widgets. Find locations by city, state, country, or ZIP code. Different formatting options allow for the display of single or multiple day forecasts.

  • Event Calendar


    Display scheduled information by hour, day, week, or month with recurrence options using the Event Calendar widget. External information can also be imported from third-party services such as Microsoft Exchange.

  • Ticker


    Create scrolling or fading tickers with text or media elements, while customizing the ticker direction and spacing, with the Ticker widget.

  • RSS Viewer


    Display live information from public or custom RSS feeds with the RSS Viewer widget. The widget has extensive formatting options, and all RSS components such as headlines, media, and body content can be displayed in various layouts.

  • RSS Ticker


    Create scrolling or fading tickers for RSS feeds with the RSS Ticker widget. Formatting options such as ticker direction and spacing can be customized.

  • Remote Control


    Create interactive applications that are controlled by the Cisco DMP remote control. The remote control widget turns any application into an intuitive interactive TV experience.

  • SIP Call


    The SIP Call widget lets you connect to the Cisco Unified Call Manager and perform video calls directly from an app.


For more information on how to use these widgets, please refer to articles in the Widgets section.

Widget Properties

When editing a widget, the tabs and property sections that are displayed in the Widget Properties window vary depending on the type of widget being edited. However, the APPEARANCE tab and the COMMON section are displayed for every widget type. Other sections below or above this section may vary based on the widget type.

The following table describes the tabs that may be available in the Widget Properties window:

Tabs Description
APPEARANCE Describes the common and widget specific properties that affect its appearance.
CONTENT If the widget displays content, the CONTENT tab allows users to manage the content.
ACTIONS Allows users to create basic and advanced scripting actions.
PROPERTIES Allows users to perform advanced editing to Key-Value pairs within the widget.
PERMISSIONS Allows Administrators to set per user access permissions for the widget.
DATA PROVIDER Allows database information to be sent via a provider (e.g. MySQL Server) into the widget target sheet.


For more information on configuring widget properties please refer to articles in the Configuring Widget Properties section.

Widget and Player Support

The table below lists the widgets and the supported digital media players/PC players.

Widgets Edge DMP PC Player
340 300 4310 4400 Direct X Flash
Media Zone
Plain Text
Rich Text
Text Ticker
RSS Ticker
RSS Viewer
Media Container 1
Flash Container
Wayfinder 2
SIP Call
Table Listing


  • 1 - Custom widget using infomenu data component.
  • 2 - Custom widget using wayfinder data component.