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Getting Started

New to Appspace? Discover how to use the platform in your workplace

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Take the first time user path for an informative overview on the Appspace platform basics and a closer look at the important areas of the Appspace console.

Essential Paths For Everyone

Follow this series of introductory paths to get you started with the end-to-end Appspace workflow.

Guide to the Fundamentals of Appspace

Get an introduction to the key components of our platform and an overview of how they are used in your organization.

An Introduction to Devices in Appspace

This guide provides an introduction to devices in Appspace. We discuss the types of devices that can be paired with Appspace, special‑purpose devices that are needed for specialized different workplace initiatives, and how to configure them.

An Introduction to Cards and Channels

This guide provides a comprehensive introduction to cards and channels, discussing the interrelationship between these two features, and how both function together for publishing engaging content for target audiences.

Navigate the Appspace App 2.0

This article provides illustrations on navigating the Appspace App in both device mode (channel browsing) and user mode. For each feature described, we also provide