Employee App

Content for employee communications, accessible from anywhere.

Employee App Overview

In this introductory path, learn how to browse content published to you via the Employee App. If your Appspace account is configured with space reservations, you will also be able to reserve building passes, view available resources, and make workspace reservations.


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CardsDigital SignageEmployee Communication

Cards: Display Power BI Dashboards

Use the Power BI Dashboard card to display Microsoft Power BI dashboards, which include custom data visualization charts.

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Appspace Employee AppRelease Notes

Appspace App 1.x Release Notes for Mobile

Release notes for Appspace app 1.0 for mobile devices, which includes a list of all new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and escalation fixes.

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Appspace App for DevicesAppspace Employee AppDigital Signage

Introduction to User Licenses and Roles in Appspace 8.0

This document provides a comprehensive introduction to user roles, personas, and permissions, required to perform the different functions in the Appspace 8.0 console.

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Appspace App for DevicesAppspace Employee AppDevices

Introduction to Devices in Appspace

This guide provides an introduction to devices in Appspace. We discuss the types of devices that can be paired with Appspace, special‑purpose devices that are needed for specialized different workplace initiatives, and how to configure them.

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Appspace Employee AppGuides

A Guide to Connecting a Remote Workforce

This guide will focus on outlining the tools and best practices in the Appspace platform that companies can use to communicate and engage with their workforce – locally, regionally and remotely.

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Appspace Employee AppEmployee CommunicationHow-to Articles

Browse and Navigate Appspace Employee App for Mobile

This article provides illustrations on navigating the all-new Appspace app on a mobile device.

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Appspace Employee AppHow-to ArticlesLimited Release

Reserve a Workspace, Desk, or Room – Employees

This article provides instructions for employees to make reservations for resources such as rooms, desks, or workspaces either via the Employee App portal on a browser, or the Appspace Employee App on a mobile device.

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Appspace App for DevicesAppspace Employee AppCards

Supported Appspace Cards

Find a list of Appspace cards that are compatible with your device or TV, ideal for creating engaging, interactive content, for workplace and team communications, as well as space management.

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Appspace Employee AppContent & LibraryDigital Signage

Publish and share content with people

Channels that are published to people will be available for viewing in the Appspace content portal.

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Appspace Employee AppContent & LibraryEmployee Communication

Publish content to enterprise messaging apps

Publish content to enterprise messaging apps such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or Webex Teams

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Appspace Employee AppEmployee CommunicationHow-to Articles

View Analytics in Console

The Analytics module provides console-based statistics for content, channels, enterprise messaging apps, users, devices, and the Employee App portal, ideal for use in planning your own content and device strategies.

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Appspace App for DevicesAppspace Employee AppCards

What’s New in Appspace 8.0

Discover what’s new in Appspace 8.0 designed to cater to the ever-evolving workplace communications needs such as the Appspace Employee App, publishing to Enterprise Messaging Apps, Analytics, Maps, intuitive UI, and much more.

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