Visitor Management

Manage visitor and employee movement seamlessly at the workplace.

Visitor Management Overview

In this introductory path, learn how to manage the flow of employees and visitors seamlessly at a workplace with building passes and touch-less check-in endpoints, that can also collect and secure visitor data. 


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Appspace Visitor Registration

Appspace Visitor Registration is ideal for registering visitors in a single platform for signage, corporate communications, room booking, and wayfinding.

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Building Pass Reservations For Employees

This article provides instructions for you to reserve building passes either via the Employee App portal on a browser, or the Appspace app on a mobile device.

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Configure and Manage Building Passes

This article provides administrators with instructions to configure building passes for limiting visitor and employee access to offices on certain days.

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Workspace & Building Pass Reservations for Administrators

This article provides instructions for administrators to make reservations for building passes and resources such as workspaces or desks, directly via the Reservations module on the Appspace console.

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