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Contact Appspace Support

For help with our platform or App, you may contact Appspace Support via one of the available support options; chat with a technician, give us a call, or simply submit a support ticket.

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Problem: Advanced Channel Does NOT Load Properly

Description You may experience load issues when creating, editing, or previewing an advanced channel (sign), a layout in the sign, …

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Appspace App for DevicesCardsHelpHow-to

Problem: Card Reloads Upon Launching On-Screen Keyboard

Launching on-screen keyboard on a display playing Appspace card content triggers the Appspace App to reload the card, and restarts playback of the playlist content.

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DevicesDigital SignageHelpHow-to

Problem: Cisco Collaboration Endpoint Device Does NOT Display Wallpaper

This article provides the instructions for troubleshooting connection and display issues with Cisco Collaboration Endpoint (CE) devices configured with Appspace to display wallpapers.

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Problem: This device must first be registered in Appspace in order to display content…

Description The following message, “This device must first be registered in Appspace in order to display content. Go to the …

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HelpHow-toSpace Reservations

Problem: Unable to Delete Passport

Unable to delete a calendar passport that is in use and has resources linked to it for reservations.

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Digital SignageHelpHow-to

Problem: Unable to Register/Load Cisco Devices Running Signage Mode

Description When a Cisco Collaboration Endpoint (CE) device that has been configured to run in signage mode is unable to …

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