Interactive experiences on displays at your workplace.

Kiosks Overview​

In this introductory path, learn the basics of creating interactive kiosk experiences for visitor registration, employee directories, and room wayfinding, with touch-screen displays, or touch-less interaction using QR codes.


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Employee AppHow-toReservations

Reserve a Workspace, Desk, or Room – Employees

This article provides instructions for employees to reserve and manage workspace reservations, such as office spaces, meeting rooms, and hot desks via the Appspace Employee App portal on web browsers, or from the Appspace Employee App on mobile devices.

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Configure and Manage Workspace & Desk Reservations – Administrators

This article provides administrators with instructions to configure workspace resources, rules, and permissions in the Reservations module using Appspace or external calendar providers.

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Digital SignageHow-to

Add and Manage Locations in Devices

Add and manage device locations in the Locations tab in the Devices module, for easy resource management in Appspace.

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Employee AppHow-toReservations

Space Reservation Introduction and Setup Guide

This guide describes all of the Space Reservation components and outlines the general setup workflow that is needed to set it up in a company.

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Reserve Workspace & Building Pass in Console – Administrators

This article provides instructions for administrators to make reservations for building passes and resources such as workspaces or desks, for themselves or on behalf of another user, directly via the Reservations module on the Appspace console.

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Cards: Create Schedule Board Card for Multi-Room Scheduling

Create and configure a Schedule Board Booking card, ideal for multi-room scheduling, displayed on a digital signage or conferencing device outside/inside a meeting room.

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Create Buildings, Upload Floor Plan Maps, & Configure Zones in Locations

Create maps, floor plans, neighborhood zones, and wayfinding integration for space reservations, visitor management, kiosks, and room scheduling experiences.

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Create Conferencing Passport for Third-Party Integration

This article provides admins with instructions to create and configure conferencing passports that provide conferencing functionality for Space Reservations.

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Browse and Navigate Space Reservation

Browse and navigate the brand new Reservations module in the Appspace 8.x platform console for configuring workspace and building reservations.

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CardsDigital SignageHow-to

Book Multiple Meeting Rooms Instantly with Schedule Board Card

You can now leverage our brand-new Schedule Board card that enables you to view schedules of and book multiple meeting …

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CloudDevicesDigital Signage

Create Notifications for Device Locations

Appspace will send email alerts to selected users in the event of device failures, communication loss, or errors during content …

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Employee AppHow-toReservations

Reserve A Building Pass – Employees

This article provides instructions for employees to reserve and manage Building Passes using our Appspace Employee App portal on web browsers or on mobile devices.

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