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Limited ReleaseRelease NotesVisitor Management

Visitor Management (Limited Release) Release Notes

These release notes provide information on the incremental updates and features, resolved escalations, and bug fixes completed for the Visitor Management system throughout the Limited Release lifecycle.

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Appspace Employee AppHow-to ArticlesLimited Release

Configure Appspace Space Reservations Plugin for Outlook 365

Book resources and workspaces configured in the Appspace reservations system, directly from a Microsoft Outlook desktop or web client.

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Appspace Employee AppHow-to ArticlesLimited Release

Manage Workspace, Desk, or Room Reservations – Concierge

This article provides instructions for Employees with concierge permissions to manage workspace reservations, such as office spaces, meeting rooms, and hot desks via the Appspace Employee App portal on web browsers.

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How-to ArticlesKiosksLimited Release

Configure Appspace Visitor Management

Configure the Visitor Management system to invite external users to a meeting/event held in your company, with self-check-in features.

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Appspace App for DevicesDevicesDigital Signage

Setup Digital Signage in Conference Rooms for Crestron AirMedia 3000 Series (Limited Release)

This article provides instructions to configure and register Crestron AirMedia 3000 series devices, such as AirMedia 3100 and AirMedia 3200 with Appspace.

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