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Appspace is committed to keeping the Appspace platform secure, fast, compliant, and reliable. Our Trust page outlines the security measures Appspace has taken to create a platform you can trust. It also includes security compliance reports you can download and a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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Guide to Developing Custom Cards

This guide serves as a preliminary framework for developers to create custom Appspace cards.

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Appspace Supported Browsers, Allowed URLs & Ports

This article lists the minimum requirements for running the Appspace platform or the Appspace Employee App on browsers or mobile devices.

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Configure SAML Attributes for Appspace Cloud

This article provides instructions to configure custom SAML attributes in Appspace that match the attributes from an external IdP provider.

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End of Support for Legacy Devices

As of July 31st 2023, Appspace will no longer provide support to legacy devices that are currently end-of-life, and is no longer supported by the manufacturer. These legacy devices not only have stopped receiving security patches, but may also not be able to support the latest security and network protocols currently implemented on the Appspace platform.

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Deprecating Support for Legacy Devices (TLS 1.0/1.1)

Appspace will begin phasing out support for the TLS 1.0/1.1 security protocols and will no longer support any connections to the platform or devices using the TLS 1.0/1.1 security protocol.

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Release NotesSecurity

Cloud Architecture & Platform Release Schedules

A brief introduction to the Appspace cloud architecture, data compliance and security, and information on public cloud, private cloud, and on-prem deployment cadence.

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Authenticating Appspace Cloud APIs

Use Appspace APIs to integrate with third-party applications utilizing application integration tokens and access tokens.

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Network Proxy Implementation for TLS 1.0/1.1 Conversion to 1.2+

Use a self-hosted reverse proxy server or an Appspace hosted proxy in a cloud environment to secure device communications to the Appspace platform with TLS 1.2+, for the highest level of security.

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Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) & Just-in-Time (JIT) for Appspace Cloud

This article provides instructions to enable the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature for Appspace Cloud.

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Third-Party Software Licenses

Appspace complies with open source licensing for all software products that utilize third-party code within the Appspace platform.

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Configure SCIM User Provisioning with HRIS/IdP for Appspace Cloud

This article provides the instructions to enable and configure SCIM user provisioning capabilities within Appspace.

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Appspace App for DevicesDigital Signage

Appspace Systems & App Requirements

This article lists all Appspace app and system requirements, and related articles.

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