Space Reservation

Make any space at the workplace reservable. Reserve and check-in seamlessly.

Space Reservation Overview

In this introductory path, learn how to manage and reserve rooms, desks, and even buildings. Create an inventory of all workspace resources that are reservable, using Appspace or external calendar providers.


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Appspace Employee AppEmployee CommunicationHow-to

Create Quick Post in Employee App

Appspace enables publishers and authors to quickly create posts within the Appspace Employee App, providing an improved content creation workflow experience that allows authors to quickly post articles with text and media without the need to leave the Employee App.

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Appspace Employee AppEmployee CommunicationHow-to

Browse and Navigate Appspace Employee App Portal

The Appspace Employee App portal is a web-based system for employees to view published corporate content, make workspace reservations, and reserve building passes.

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How-toSpace Reservations

Reserve Workspace & Building Pass in Console – Administrators

This article provides instructions for administrators to make reservations for building passes and resources such as workspaces or desks, for themselves or on behalf of another user, directly via the Reservations module on the Appspace console.

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Appspace Employee AppGuidesPlatform

Introduction to Accessibility Features in Appspace

This document gives a brief overview of the accessibility features in Appspace and how these features help Appspace users with disabilities.

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How-toSpace Reservations

Configure and Manage Workspace & Desk Reservations – Administrators

This article provides administrators with instructions to configure workspace resources, rules, and permissions in the Reservations module using Appspace or external calendar providers.

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Appspace Employee AppEmployee CommunicationHow-to

Configure Language Localization, User Profile, & Location in the Employee App

This article provides instructions to configure the preferred user interface language, location, and user profile image in the Appspace Employee …

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Appspace Employee AppHow-toSpace Reservations

Reserve a Workspace, Desk, or Room – Employees

This article provides instructions for employees to reserve and manage workspace reservations, such as office spaces, meeting rooms, and hot desks via the Appspace Employee App portal on web browsers, or from the Appspace Employee App on mobile devices.

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How-toKiosksSpace Reservations

Browse and Navigate Visitors in Appspace 8.1

Configure the Visitor Management system to invite external users to a meeting/event held in your company, with self-check-in features.

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CardsContent & LibraryHow-to

Cards: Create Room Booking Card for Single-Room Scheduling

Create and configure a Room Booking card, ideal for single-room scheduling, displayed on a tablet or conferencing device outside/inside a meeting room.

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Appspace Employee AppHow-toSpace Reservations

Configure Appspace Places Outlook 365 Add-In

Install the Appspace Places add-in, and book resources and workspaces configured in the Appspace Space Reservations system, directly from a Microsoft Outlook desktop or web client.

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Appspace Employee AppHow-toSpace Reservations

Manage Employee Workspace Reservations – Manager View

This article provides instructions for managers to configure Manager View, which allows them to manage their employees’ workspace reservations, via the My Teams dashboard on the Appspace Employee App.

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CardsHow-toSpace Reservations

Cards: Schedule Board (Multi-Rooms) with Google G Suite

Configure a Schedule Board card with Google calendar provider settings, and view the schedule of multiple meeting spaces on large displays.

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