Cards: Display Facebook Posts

The Facebook card allows users with an Facebook account to access and display Facebook posts, keeping employees engaged while increasing the organization’s social media presence. The card is built using

Cards: Display Webex Recordings

The Webex Recordings card is built using the new Appspace integration with third-party systems that leverages standard technologies to create long-lived, authenticated, and secure connections. The Webex Recordings card allows

Configure Locations with Maps & Floor Plans

Create floor plan maps and wayfinding integration for kiosks and room scheduling experiences with Maps. The module allows administrators to upload floor plans and group them into a geo network, campus network, or a building network. Administrators can also manage locations for rooms and other points of interest, such as restrooms, lifts, exits, and such, on the floor plan. 

Complete List of Device Properties

Custom device properties are used to configure devices for specific behaviors for any Appspace supported device in the Appspace console. This article lists the device properties available, including their functions, default values, and value range (where applicable).

Convert (Transcode) Content

Convert content such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations slides, and also PDFs, into HTML friendly cards directly in the Appspace Library.

Assign Channel to Device

This article provides the instructions to manually assign a channel to specific device(s) at any preferred time. The channel selection mode or the channel playback option for a device is

Add and Manage Devices

Add and manage registered devices, create tags and organize these devices into device groups or networks, or simply assign channels to one or more devices, all in the Devices module in the Apppace console.

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