Publish and share content with people

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Publish and share content with people


Content in channels can be published and shared with anyone or everyone in an organization, or to specific groups of people. Channels that are published to people will be available for viewing in the Employee App portal. Anyone in an organization will be able to sign in to the portal to view published content.


In order to publish content in channels, you need the following permissions:

  • Publisher permissions give the ability manage and publish channels

Publish and view content

The following path outlines the concepts and general steps needed to publish content for viewing, and how to view content once published.

Publish a channel to users

When a playlist channel is first created, content items that are added to it will not be viewable to anyone until it gets published. In order to make the channel available for viewing to people in your organization, you will need to go to the channel’s publish settings.

  • You need to select the Users option under the Publish settings to begin publishing content to people.
  • You can choose to publish to individual users, and also to one or more user groups.
  • If you want your content to reach a global audience in your organization, simply select the option to Publish to all users.

Helpful tip: If you would like to see how content in the channel appears when it gets published before anyone else sees it, you can publish the channel just to yourself first. When you’re happy with how it looks, you can then expand the channel’s audience by adding the desired users and user groups.


View content in the Employee App portal

Content in channels that are published to people in the organization will be available for viewing in the Employee App portal. As long as people are added as viewers in Appspace, they will be able to sign in to the Employee App portal and view content that is published to them.

  • The most recently added or updated content will appear at the top of the portal’s landing page.
  • Accessing a channel will show the list of all content items within that channel.
  • Clicking on the thumbnail of a content item will then show its full screen view and article.


You now have a basic understanding of how content can be published and viewed by people in your organization.

If you would like to discover more details about each of these workflows, you can go deeper by reading through the collection of how-to documentation.

What's Next?

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Alternatively, take your new found knowledge to the cloud.