In this introductory path, you will learn about how you can use Appspace to author engaging content and execute your content strategy with ready-to-use templates. Appspace has an intuitive interface and all the necessary content tools to ensure that you are able to quickly create your messaging, manage and organize all your content assets, and the ability to publish your content to the right screens.


Before you begin, ensure that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • You will need permissions to create and manage content.
    • Get these permissions with the Editor role.
  • You will need permissions to create and publish channels.
    • Get these permissions with the Location Admin role or Publisher role.

Create, Organize and Publish Content

Appspace has a collection of tools that can help you execute your content strategy. From ready-to-use templates that requires no coding, to content management and publishing tools, you have everything you need to start sharing information across your company. 

Ready-to-use templates

Appspace has a collection of ready-to-use templates that are HTML-based. These templates are responsive with flexible layouts that automatically adjust to landscape, portrait, tablet and mobile orientations. As a content creator, you only need to focus on your messaging and simply let the flexible nature of the template take care of the rest without the need for extra coding or software.

  • Immediately available templates. Appspace templates are immediately available in the console. Simply click the Quick Action menu at the top and choose Create Content to start. For more details about what templates are available, please read this introduction to card templates.
  • Built-in motion effects, transitions, and customization. Appspace templates provide just the right amount of motion to ensure that your messages are engaging your audience. You can also customize fonts, colors, content positioning and much more to add visual interest while adhering to your brand guidelines.
  • More templates from the Appspace Gallery. You can also head over to the Appspace Gallery to download more free templates. You can upload those templates directly into your Library, and also into your account so that everyone across the company can have access to it.

Organize and manage content in the Library

The Library module is the backbone for all of your content organization needs. This is where you can create content using templates, and also upload your own media files such as images and videos.

  • User groups and libraries. Each user group has its own designated library. 
  • Folder-based organization. Content assets are organized in folders within a library.
  • Content tags. Each content item can be tagged for automatic filtering when adding to channels and publishing to devices. Learn more about this workflow automation feature in this guided path.
  • Sharable folders. Folders can be shared between other users and user groups.

Learn more about all the features and functions in the library module in this how-to article.


Publish content using channels

A channel is the publishing mechanism in Appspace that gets your content on screens. You can publish content to people, devices, and enterprise messaging apps.

From the Library module, you can add content directly to any channel through the integrated workflows. Learn more about adding content directly into channels from the Library in this how-to article.


Premium content feeds

Appspace also provides premium content feeds that address industry-critical issues with a steady stream of engaging content. This is an add-on subscription option that lets you tap into industry-specific content strategy experts, and also a selection of news and sports feeds.



You now know how to use the available content tools to create your messaging, and organize your assets for publishing.

You can create and manage all of your content using the Library module. The workflow to publish your content to channels can also be done through the Library.

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