Browse Published Channels via Appspace Connect

This article provides illustrations on navigating the all-new Appspace Connect portal, which allows users to access corporate content that has been published to them either via the Appspace console or

Browse and Navigate Appspace App 2.0

This article provides illustrations on navigating the Appspace App in both device mode (channel browsing) and user mode. For each feature described, we also provide information on how to invoke

Compatible Appspace Cards

Appspace cards are HTML-5 based templates available in the Library that you can use to create engaging, interactive content. Versatile and easy to create using the available themes in the

Appspace Supported Devices & Operating Systems

The Appspace App supports various industry-leading platforms and a broad range of devices that meet different use cases including playback performance, physical dimensions, hardware features, content delivery modes (streaming or

Compatible Content & Device Capabilities

The tables below compare the supported content type, content delivery, device management, and playback performance for devices in each operating environment supported by the Appspace App. Supported Image Formats Supported

Grant User Access to Support Portal

An Account Owner with access to the Appspace Account Management Portal may grant specific users access to the Support portal. Account Owners can create new cases or view all cases

Subscription, Licensing, and Account Management

The new Account Management Portal enables Cloud Services Account Owners to directly access Appspace subscription and licensing information, without having to log in to the Appspace console, via our new

Register a Device with Appspace

This article provides the instructions to register your device with Appspace using a 6-digit code or QR code. Prerequisites An active Appspace account, with sufficient Device IDs to register the

Contact Appspace Support

For help with our platform or App, you may contact Appspace Support via the Account Management Portal by using one of the following options: Submit Support Case Ticket Follow the

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