Appspace lets you build your content strategy by providing access to premium content feeds designed and created by subject matter experts that address industry-critical issues with a steady stream of engaging content. Appspace has the following premium content available:

  • Industry Feeds. The Industry Feeds card template displays general workplace and industry-critical content feeds from Appspace. Feeds are categorized by industry type or by general topic. This feed always shows current content, along with a 30-day preview of future content that is upcoming.
  • Industry Content Collection. The Industry Content Collection card template contains a repository of content items that were previously displayed under Industry Feeds. You can browse and select any of the content items in the repository, and can filter based on the industry type or by general topic.
  • News Feeds. The News Feed card template lets you choose from a selection of news providers to display news headlines and media. Each card template will be able to display multiple posts from a single news provider. If you wish to display news from multiple sources, multiple card templates can be used.

To display any of these premium content card templates on TV screens, you will require content licenses. One content license is needed per device that will be used to display premium content.

Select & Publish Premium Content

Now that you know what type of card templates are available for premium content, you can select any one or all of them to build your content strategy, and publish them to the right people and endpoints.

Premium Content Card Templates

You can quickly select any of the premium content options through the following steps:

  • Select Create Content from the Quick Action menu.
  • Select Feed from the dropdown filter, and then select the Premium Content tag.

You should be able to see the two premium content card templates that you can use.


Industry Feeds Card Template

The Industry Feeds card template allows you to display a single feed of industry content.

  • Each feed is populated with a continuous schedule of industry-specific videos, created by Appspace.
  • Each video remains current in the feed for up to 4 business days, and then automatically disappears from the Industry Feed card when its schedule expires.
  • Typically 4-5 pieces of content have an active play schedule in the feed.
  • 30-day future preview shows upcoming content which can be selected/deselected.

To learn more about how to configure the Industry Feed card template, please read this how-to article.


Industry Content Collection Card Template

The Industry Content Collection card template allows you to search for specific content created by Appspace from the repository of previously created Industry Feed content. You can search or filter to find the content you need, and schedule the content to a channel for display.

  • The repository contains content that was previously shown in an industry content feed.
  • Browse through the entire repository and publish to a channel wherever needed.
  • Manually curate and schedule specific content for playback.

To learn more about how to configure the Industry Content Collection card template, please read this how-to article.


News Feed Card Template

The News Feed card template lets you select a news provider to retrieve posts for display. Whether you’re looking for the latest industry trends, financial markets, sports, or breaking news, you simply need to choose the appropriate news provider.

  • Choose from a selection of 15 news providers, and display news feed headlines and media.
  • Configure the number of posts to display, and duration for each post.
  • Configure the display options, such as media, aspect ratios, and transition effects.
  • Configure design options such as text color, transition color, and background color.
  • Enable post filters (e.g. do not display posts that contain certain keywords).

To learn more about how to configure the News Feed card template, please read this how-to article.


Publish Content to Users or Devices

Once you have selected and configured your premium content card templates, you will need to aggregate them into a channel for publishing. 


Apply Content Licenses to Devices

In order to display premium content on a TV screen through a workplace device, the targeted device will require a content license to be applied. Once a device has a content license applied to it, it will be able to display any of the premium content items in a channel.

  • To apply a content license to a device, you will need to access the Device Licensing workflow in the console.
  • You will then need to select the workplace devices that will display premium content, and apply the Industry Feeds or Infotainment Feeds content license to it.

For details on accessing the Device Licenses workflow and applying the appropriate content license, please read this how-to article.



You now know the basics of using premium content to build your content strategy.

If you would like to discover more details about each of these workflows, you can go deeper by reading through the collection of how-to documentation.

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