Benefits of Upgrading to Appspace

This article is applicable to customers who have upgraded to Appspace from the Marlin platform.

Appspace is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based platform, which enables content administrators to centrally manage the publishing and distribution of content to thousands of devices.

Appspace is a single platform for all communication needs, which includes:

  • Keeping frontliners and workers informed no matter where they are located with messages that matter via the Appspace Employee App.
  • Using digital signage to communicate in key areas of the facility to promote a culture of safety and awareness.
  • Contactless visitor management and check-ins to help control access and track guests and employees who enter your buildings.

Combined with the content creation functions and industry content you are already familiar with, Appspace provides a more robust toolset to publish visually appealing content. You can reach audiences by publishing to digital signage, desktops, mobile, and more, keeping everyone connected no matter where they work from, with these features:

  • Engaging new content templates.
  • Fresh stakeholder channels to help drive communication.
  • The Appspace Employee App to reach frontline and deskless workers.
  • Track employees and visits with contactless guest registration.
  • Create a safe workplace with room and desk reservation tools.
  • Publish to individuals, groups, and locations, with multiple publishing options.

This article provides a high-level introduction to the features and functionality available in Appspace, the benefits of these features, and the added value of upgrading to Appspace.

Variety of Engaging Content

Appspace offers vast and varied content options for all of your screens with enhancements over what you currently utilize. Easily implement and execute your team communications programs with a built-in content strategy.


  • Easy-to-use templates: Better-looking HTML5-based templates that are easy to customize, for improved viewer attention.
  • HTML designs: Personalize your messaging without any coding or software.
  • Maintain brand standards: Improved branding capabilities to standardize the look of content.
  • Stakeholder content: Create company-wide communications with pre-built templates for your key stakeholders.
  • Industry content feeds: Use Appspace provided content created by experts to address industry-critical issues with a steady stream of engaging content.
  • Better playlist: Additional options provide a wider range of choices for better playlists.

Full Screen Displays

The Appspace platform displays content in full screen only, instead of the traditional multi-zone format. Full-screen displays ensure users no longer have to specify a zone for content to play in. In addition, the viewer can easily read, focus, and consume content regardless of viewing distance providing an improved viewing experience.


  • Single message: Less distracting, by having the viewer focus on one message at a time.
  • Less distraction: Less motion, which allows the user to consume and retain the primary message.
  • Improved templates: Easy to use, visually appealing templates let you create full-screen content to your standards and objectives.
  • Enhanced playback: Improved playback and transitions improve the viewing experience.
  • Focused content: No longer need to create content just to fill up a playlist for multiple zones.

Appspace Employee App

The Appspace Employee App is a content repository for employees to view corporate content published to them or make workplace reservations. Workers may browse and view this content from anywhere, either via a desktop browser or the Appspace mobile app on Android or iOS devices.


  • Access from any browser or mobile device.
  • Stay up to date on company news, important announcements, or the latest update to that company wide competition.
  • Search and watch training videos or town halls when you can’t be there live
  • Sort through grouped content that’s relevant to your team, location, and more.
  • View content published/posted directly to an Enterprise Messaging App, such as Slack, Webex Teams, or Microsoft Teams.
  • Manage reservations and use touchless check-in from your mobile device.
  • Reserve workspaces and resources in advance before heading to the workplace.

Multiple Device Endpoints

With Appspace, you can go beyond just digital signage. Deliver the right message to your workers on displays in the office, at home, or on the go. Reach employees via digital signage, desktops, mobile, kiosks, web, enterprise messaging, and intranets where they are best suited to receive that message.


  • Extended reach: Ensures a creator can reach their entire audience regardless of when or where that audience works.
  • Increased exposure: Provides the viewer with multiple ways to consume the content.
  • Targeted content: Allows for greater targeting of content to specific locations, audiences, or specific users.

Multiple Publishing Options

With Appspace, you may publish content via channels to the web, users, devices (TVs, tablets, Webex boards, etc.), enterprise messaging apps, or the Appspace Employee App.


  • A premium user with an Appspace registered account will be able to view channels published to them via the Appspace Employee App as they sign in with their user accounts, on a desktop browser or the Appspace mobile app.
  • A premium user will also be able to view content published/posted directly to an Enterprise Messaging App, such as Slack, Webex Teams, or Microsoft Teams. First time users accessing the portal will be automatically signed in with viewing access if they have SSO with Just-In-Time turned on.
  • Administrators can publish content to industry-standard devices registered and installed with the Appspace App for Devices, ideal for digital signage, video walls, and kiosks. A device will be able to play a single channel only, or multiple channels and channel groups where audiences may use a remote control or touch screen (where applicable) to browse multiple channel content.

When a channel is published to the web, a public link to the channel is accessible by anyone via a browser. Users do not need an Appspace account to view the channels. This method is recommended for quickly sharing content with remote workers or clients, or can be used for demo purposes. Channels viewed via the web link will be streamed, incurring bandwidth overhead.

Expanded Device Support

Appspace runs on Windows 10 and a wide array of other devices and operating systems. You can still source the devices yourself or buy them through Appspace. If you purchased through us and your Appspace-certified media player has a hiccup we can’t fix, we’ll ship you a replacement at no additional cost through our Complete Care program.


  • Allows a customer to use whatever supported hardware they may already have.
  • Lower cost with other hardware options.
  • More device options based on overall customer requirements.
  • Options for a more secure installation.
  • Utilize existing devices/displays that may have already been set up for other purposes.

Account Configuration Flexibility

Appspace provides extensive flexibility on controlling access or what a user is able to accomplish within the Appspace console, once they have access. In addition, things that once required a support phone call can now be accomplished within the console but with appropriate access.


One Unified Platform

The Appspace platform solves different market problems for a single organization without the need to engage separate vendors. Appspace helps solve all your communication needs coupled with space reservation tools, keeping your employees connected and the workplace unified.


  • More than one product within a single platform means solving more problems through a single vendor.
  • No need to engage additional vendors.
  • Tie-in of data between various platform solutions.