CMS Upgrade to Appspace: What to Expect

This article is applicable to customers who would like to upgrade to Appspace from the Marlin platform.


This article outlines the process and instructions necessary to upgrade from Marlin to Appspace.

The process is simple! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Phase 1: Evaluation
  • Phase 2: Appspace Account Setup
  • Phase 3: Update Appspace Account
  • Phase 4: Upgrade & Go Live

Follow the instructions in this article and keep communicating with your Appspace Customer Success Manager throughout the process.


Before you begin, ensure that you have read the following:

Appspace Upgrade Process

Phase 1: Evaluation

Your Appspace Customer Success Manager (CSM) will work with you to ensure your renewal and upgrade are properly documented with a new quote. This starts the ball rolling.


Phase 2: Appspace Account Setup

Appspace will configure your account in the new Appspace platform, using your Marlin CMS account as a model. We will:

  1. Replicate your current location(s), hierarchy, and naming convention.
  2. Set up your channel(s). Channels allow you to customize what content goes to which locations and devices, allowing you to reach your desired audiences.
  3. Pre-configure your premium subscription content: Industry Content Feeds, News, and Sports
  4. Add a sample package of starter content into the Appspace console.
  5. Add devices and users to your Appspace account, following your Marlin CMS location and naming convention.
  6. Upgrade the software on any compatible device as needed. Here, there are two options:


Head over to the Marlin CMS and check out the Manage > Players page to ensure all of your devices are online. Devices must be online before we can proceed with the upgrade.

In the event that you have any offline devices, contact our Customer Support Technicians either by phone at (866) 877-7895 or by email at


Phase 3: Update Appspace Account

Once your account has been configured, you will be notified via a Welcome email from Appspace.

Please do the following:

    1. Access your Appspace account to make any desired changes to the location, hierarchy, or naming convention, before we start upgrading the software on your devices. Link will be provided in the email.
      If you have no changes to make, just let us know.
    2. Create any additional content by using Appspace cards or by uploading your own files. You can refer to your Marlin CMS content to see messages still relevant to your audiences.

If you previously set up an Appspace Free Trial account, you will receive a system-generated email from Appspace, with options to move over to your Appspace subscription account. Work with your Appspace Customer Success Manager to get it set up.


Phase 4: Upgrade & Go Live!

Once your account is provisioned and configured the way you want it and your devices are all connected, we can begin updating the software on your devices.

You have two options for updating the software:

As the upgrade takes place, your designated Account Owner and users in your account will receive communications from Appspace with information about the status of the upgrade.

Let’s get started with your upgrade to Appspace today!



If additional support is needed anywhere along the process, please reach out to your Appspace Customer Success Manager at:



You can begin exploring and enjoying all the benefits of the Appspace platform.

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