Last updated on September 28, 2015

Widget: Weather


The Weather widget allows users to add live weather information to an application. With the Weather widget, you can display single or multiple day forecasts, with options to find locations by city, state, country, or ZIP code.

Currently there are two Weather information providers:

  • Weather Decision Technology (WDT) – only for the North American Region.
  • World Weather Online (WWO) – for other regions besides North America.


Note the that the current weather widget template for cloud only supports the newly designed flat weather icons.

This article provides the instructions to add and configure the Weather widget.

Adding a Weather Widget

To add a Weather widget to your Signs application, follow the instructions in the Adding Widgets section in the Managing Widgets article and select the Weather widget in the Widget Library.

Configuring a Weather Widget

To configure a Weather widget’s properties, please follow the instructions below:

  1. In your Signs application’s layout, click the Weather widget name under the Widgets section.

  2. In the Widget Properties window, configure the common tabs as per this article: Configuring Widget Properties.

  3. In the Widget Properties window, click the APPEARANCE tab.

  4. Edit the properties sections as per the tables provided below:

    Properties Details
    Location Location of the weather forecast. Select a US Zip Code or City, type an address, or select one of 29 predefined locations around the world.
    Provider The data provider for the weather information. Select either Default, WDT (Weather Decision Technologies, Inc) or World Weather Online.
    Update Frequency The frequency to download weather forecast updates from the data source.
    Interval The interval time between multiple layouts.
    Temp Unit Unit to read the weather in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
    Font, Color Setting the font type and color.