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Employee App Overview

In this introductory path, learn how to browse content published to you via the Employee App. If your Appspace account is configured with space reservations, you will also be able to reserve building passes, view available resources, and make workspace reservations.


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Employee AppHow-toIntroduction

Browse and Navigate the Appspace Employee App Portal

The Appspace Employee App portal is a web-based system for employees to view published corporate content, make workspace reservations, and reserve building passes.

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Digital SignageEmployee AppHow-to

Browse and Navigate Appspace Employee App for Mobile

The Appspace app allows employees to browse and view corporate content published to them, via their mobile phones.

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Employee AppHow-toReservations

Approve a Reservation – Approvers

This article provides an overview of the approval workflow and displays steps on how to view, approve, or deny pending reservations of resources such as office spaces, meeting rooms, and hot desks, via the Appspace Employee App portal on web browsers.

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Employee AppHow-toLibrary

Add Content via Employee App Portal

Add or edit content to any channel directly from the Employee App Portal, without the need to navigate back to the Appspace console.

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