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In this introductory path, learn how to author engaging content for digital signage, corporate messaging, and workplace communications in any industry, with ready-to-use free templates, or with a steady stream of premium content feeds that address industry-critical issues.


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Web View Cards: Display Web Views with URLs

This article provides admins with instructions to create, configure, and customize the Web View card within the Library.

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EmployeeEmployee AppVisitors

Cards: Visitor Kiosk Check-Ins

Create and configure the Visitor Kiosk card for kiosk check-ins with the Appspace Visitor Management system.

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Digital SignagePassports

Cards: Display SharePoint Content

The SharePoint card allows users with a Microsoft 365 account to access and display SharePoint posts, keeping organizational teams up-to-date …

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Digital Signage

Cards: Display Announcements & Messages

The Announcement card is ideal for keeping your remote workforce engaged with corporate messaging, workplace updates, and information.

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CardsIntroductionPremium Cards

Supported Appspace Cards

Find a list of Appspace cards that are compatible with your device or TV, ideal for creating engaging, interactive content, for workplace and team communications, as well as space management.

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CardsRelease Notes

Sharepoint Card Release Notes

These release notes provide information on enhancements, escalations, and bug fixes completed for the Sharepoint card.

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Cards: Display Power BI Dashboards

The Power BI card displays dashboards from Microsoft’s Power BI visualization tool, which includes various custom data visualization charts.

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Cards: Schedule Board (Multi-Rooms) with Maps

The Schedule Board card with maps allows you to view a room’s location on the floor plan and book it instantly. 

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CardsRelease Notes

Google Slides Card Release Notes

These release notes provide information on the new features, enhancements, resolved escalations, and bug fixes completed in each release for the Google Slides card, which is also an Appspace supported card.

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Book Single-Room Instantly with Room Schedule Card

You can now leverage our brand-new Room Schedule card that enables you to book meeting rooms in your organization on …

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Book Multiple Meeting Rooms Instantly with Schedule Board Card

You can now leverage our brand-new Schedule Board card that enables you to view schedules of and book multiple meeting …

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Supported Content & Device Capabilities

Find supported image types, video formats, video playback requirements, content delivery modes, etc. for devices in each operating environment supported by the Appspace App.

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