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In this introductory path, learn how to author engaging content for digital signage, corporate messaging, and workplace communications in any industry, with ready-to-use free templates, or with a steady stream of premium content feeds that address industry-critical issues.


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CardsRelease Notes

Announcement Card Release Notes

Release notes for the Announcement card releases, which include a list of all new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and escalation fixes.

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Googlemultiple roomsroom reservation

Cards: Schedule Board (Multi-Rooms) with Google G Suite

Configure a Schedule Board card with Google calendar provider settings, and view the schedule of multiple meeting spaces on large displays.

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Microsoftmultiple roomsOffice 365

Cards: Schedule Board (Multi-Rooms) with Microsoft Office 365

Configure Schedule Board card with Microsoft calendar provider settings, and view the schedule of multiple meeting spaces on large displays.

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enterprise messaging appIntegrationsmaps

Introduction to Appspace Integrations

This document gives a brief overview of Appspace integrations with third-party solutions and how these integrations function at a high level within the Appspace platform architecture.

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digital signagefeeds

Cards: Display YouTube Feeds

Stream YouTube content, such as the latest product lineup, advertisements, or even add that cute cat video for a quick laugh in the office.

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Googleroom reservationroom schedule

Cards: Configure Google G Suite for Single-Room Scheduling

Configure a Room Booking card with the Google G Suite calendar provider, ideal for single room scheduling.

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Adminmultiple roomsroom reservation

Cards: Schedule Board (Multi-Rooms) with Custom Calendar Provider

Create a Schedule Board card and configure it with custom calendar provider settings catered for non-Google or O365 email providers.

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Configure Microsoft Office 365 Room Booking Service with User Privileges

Microsoft Office 365 requires global administrator level permissions for a service account to handle room booking and check-in across an …

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digital signageFacebookfeeds

Cards: Display Meta (Facebook) Posts

The Facebook card displays Facebook posts, keeping employees engaged while increasing the organization’s social media presence.

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Introduction to Channels

This guide provides a comprehensive introduction to cards and channels, discussing the interrelationship between these two features, and how both function together for publishing engaging content for target audiences.

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Cards: Display Salesforce Dashboards

The Salesforce Dashboard card displays various custom data visualization charts from the Salesforce dashboard.

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Cards: Display Banner

The Banner card is a quick and easy way to create and display your own custom branded banner content to meet your business needs.

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