Supported Devices & Operating Systems

Find a list of all Appspace supported devices and operating systems categorized under Appspace App and Collaborative Solutions & Devices. We also provide information such as required device firmware versions, Appspace App and platform versions, the content delivery mode that the device uses, where to download the Appspace App, and reference models.

Install Appspace App on BrightSign with

Appspace provides a flexible framework for device management, however, it is very common for hardware partners to provide their own cloud management systems for their devices. Brightsign has deployed the

Install Appspace App and Configure BrightSign Devices

This article provides instructions to configure and register BrightSign devices with the Appspace App, and other BrightSign specific configurations such as enable closed captioning, enable text overlay over video, configure

Introduction to Devices in Appspace

This guide provides an introduction to devices in Appspace. We discuss the types of devices that can be paired with Appspace, special‑purpose devices that are needed for specialized different workplace initiatives, and how to configure them.

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