Assign Default Channel to Location

Assigning a default channel to a location is an ideal solution for organizations requiring to quickly replace, or add a device to a display without having to worry about which

Assign Channel to Device

This article provides the instructions to manually assign a channel to specific device(s) at any preferred time. The channel selection mode or the channel playback option for a device is

Organize Channels in Channel Groups

Once you have created a playlist channel, a live stream channel, or an advanced channel, you may organize these channels into different channel groups. This article provides the instructions to

Configure Alert Broadcasts

Alerts is an Appspace feature that can enable system-wide alert broadcasts of important or critical messages such as weather warnings or emergency announcements across a network, immediately or at a

View Analytics in Console

The Analytics module provides console-based statistics for content, channels, enterprise messaging apps, users, devices, and the Appspace content portal, ideal for use in planning your own content and device strategies.

Add a Playlist Channel

This article provides the instructions to create, organize, and publish a collection of cards, images, and videos as a playlist channel. Prerequisites Account Owner or Publisher role in Appspace.  Create

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