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Getting Started

Getting started

New to Appspace? Browse and discover how to use the platform in a jiffy!

First-time Users

First time? This is for you!

Take the first time user path for an overview and a closer look at the important areas of the Appspace console.


Appspace On-Prem 7.2

Find out what’s new in our latest on-prem platform release from June 26 2020.

Essential paths for everyone

Follow this series of introductory paths to get you started with end-to-end Appspace workflows.

Essentials for getting started

An introduction to the key components of our platform to get you started with our platform and App. 

Browse and Navigate Appspace App 2.0

This article provides illustrations on navigating the Appspace App 2.0 in both device mode (channel browsing) and user mode via a mobile device or a browser.

Browse and Navigate Appspace Content Portal

The Appspace content portal is a newly launched central place for users to view corporate content that has been published to them. The portal improves the overall information sharing workflow across an organization making it easy for users to access information regardless of where they are, either via a computer, tablet, or phone. 

Browse and Navigate Library in Appspace 8.0

Organize and manage all your Appspace content in the Library in Appspace 8.0, which introduces a brand new user interface with a streamlined design and workflows for improved user experience.

Browse and Navigate the Appspace Console

Browse and discover the new look and feel of the Appspace 8.x platform console here. Appspace 8.0 introduces a brand new user interface and navigation menu that has been updated with a streamlined design for improved user experience.

Contact Appspace Support

For help with our platform or App, you may contact Appspace Support via one of the available support options; chat, call, or log cases.

Subscription, Licensing, and Appspace Account Management

The Account Management Portal enables Cloud Services Account Owners to directly access Appspace subscription and licensing information, without having to log in to the Appspace console, via our new cloud-based site at

Supported Appspace Cards

Find a list of Appspace cards available in the Library that you can use to create engaging, interactive content, that is compatible with your desired device or TV.

Supported Content & Device Capabilities

Find a list of all supported content types, content delivery, device management, and playback performance, for devices in each operating environment supported by the Appspace App.

Supported Devices & Operating Systems

Find a list of all Appspace supported devices and operating systems categorized under Appspace App and Collaborative Solutions & Devices. We also provide information such as required device firmware versions, Appspace App and platform versions, the content delivery mode that the device uses, where to download the Appspace App, and reference models.

What’s New in Appspace 8.0

Discover what’s new in Appspace 8.0, released on 8th July 2020, our major release designed to cater to the ever-evolving workplace communications needs.