Convert (Transcode) Content

Convert content such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations slides, and also PDFs, into HTML friendly cards directly in the Appspace Library.

Add Content to Playlist Channels from Library

Add content directly to a channel from the Appspace 8.0 content Library. With the newly redesigned Library module, improved operations and functionality provide the opportunity to add content or folders directly from the Library dashboard in several ways, or whilst editing any content.

Browse and Navigate Library in Appspace 8.0

Organize and manage all your Appspace content in the Library in Appspace 8.0, which introduces a brand new user interface with a streamlined design and workflows for improved user experience.

Add, Share, Move, Rename, Download Content Folders

Create and manage content folders in the Appspace content Library, With the newly redesigned Library module, create, share, move, rename, and download folders directly from the Library dashboard in several ways.

What’s New in Appspace 8.0 Cloud

Discover what’s new in Appspace 8.0, released on 8th July 2020, our major release designed to cater to the ever-evolving workplace communications needs.

Create External Content (Legacy)

The Library gives users the flexibility to add externally referenced media files, inline HTML webpages, or externally referenced HTML pages in an advanced channel (sign). External content is not stored

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