Browse and Navigate the Appspace Console

Browse and discover the new look and feel of the Appspace 8.x platform console here. Appspace 8.0 introduces a brand new user interface and navigation menu that has been updated

Browse and Navigate Library in Appspace 8.0

The Library is the primary content management center that allows you to organize and manage all your Appspace content. Appspace 8.0 introduces a brand new user interface with a streamlined design

Browse and Navigate Appspace Content Portal

The Appspace content portal is a newly launched central place for users to view corporate content that has been published to them. The portal improves the overall information sharing workflow

Browse and Navigate Appspace App 2.0

This article provides illustrations on navigating the Appspace App 2.0 in both device mode (channel browsing) and user mode. The Appspace App displays in device mode on a TV, when

Manage Devices and Networks in Console

Register and organize your devices in device groups, or create and manage a hierarchy of networks, in Devices. Devices is accessed via the Appspace menu. Every Appspace account comes configured

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