Configure Locations with Maps & Floor Plans

Create floor plan maps and wayfinding integration for kiosks and room scheduling experiences with Maps. The module allows administrators to upload floor plans and group them into a geo network, campus network, or a building network. Administrators can also manage locations for rooms and other points of interest, such as restrooms, lifts, exits, and such, on the floor plan. 

Cards: Display World Clock

The World Clock card allows businesses to easily display the time for up to eight different cities across the globe, in a map or grid layout. In the Map layout,

Cards: Display Announcements & Messages

The Announcement card allows businesses to publish company announcements, employee recognition, or motivational quotes while incorporating the business branding and design quickly and effortlessly to the modern workplace. Announcement cards

Cards: Display Bar Chart

The bar chart is a Data Visualization card theme, which displays categorical data with rectangular bars with heights or lengths proportional to the values that they represent. Bar charts are

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