Device Tasks: Create/Import/Export Templates

Please follow the instructions in the following sections to create, import, and export task templates.   Create Task Template Log in to the Appspace console. Click Device Tasks from the Appspace

Manage Devices and Networks in Console

Register and organize your devices in device groups, or create and manage a hierarchy of networks, in Devices. Devices is accessed via the Appspace menu. Every Appspace account comes configured

Edit or Import Card Templates

This article provides the instructions to edit an existing Cards template available in the Appspace console. We have several templates for each card type. You may also import your own

Customize Appspace Cards Theme

Cards use standard web technologies, so you can customize existing template themes or create new ones with brand consistent fonts, logos, color, and such. Advanced users may also fully leverage

Create and Send User Invitations

This article provides the instructions to add additional users to your Appspace instance via email invitation in the Users extension. This workflow covers the basics of creating and sending an

Create and Organize User Groups

This article provides the instructions to create a user group, move the group to a different network, and assign existing users to individual or multiple user groups. Prerequisites You must

Device Tasks: Introduction & Download

Once you have devices up and running in your environment, monitoring, managing, and updating the devices is priority. Appspace provides a central method for all these actions via Device Tasks.

Device Tasks: Run Now

The Run Now feature allows you to: Re-run a monitoring or advanced task that has been deployed. Immediately run a monitoring or advanced task without affecting its schedule (if any).

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