What’s New in Appspace 8.0

Appspace 8.0, released on 8th July 2020, is a major release designed to cater to the ever-evolving workplace communications needs. With this release we have introduced several new features such

Configure Maps & Floor Plans

To support the expanding digital workplace requirements, we are introducing the Maps module, to support floor plan maps and wayfinding integration for kiosks and room scheduling experiences.  The module allows

View Analytics in Console

The all-new Analytics module, which is part of the new Appspace 8.0 release, will provide console-based statistics for content, channels, enterprise messaging apps, users, devices, and the Appspace content portal,

Configure Content Expiry Dates

This article provides instructions to add expiry dates to content added to the Appspace 8.0 content Library. With the newly redesigned Library module, improved operations and functionality provide the opportunity

Create Alert

The Alert card, when used with Alerts, allows businesses to quickly publish important or critical messages throughout their offices, such as evacuation notices, fire alerts, weather warnings, and a whole

Add Google Sheets Data

If your organization has administrative controls enabled for your G Suite accounts, then an Appspace account owner/administrator must configure the Google Sheets card theme to input the Google authentication credentials

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