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MediaStar is an Appspace partner that has self-certified their Mediastar 782 Media Player model which is a dedicated digital signage device with capability to output 4K video, multizone video and IPTV support. 

Together, Appspace and MediaStar deliver a state-of-the art content delivery solution that keeps in-office and hybrid employees engaged and informed.

Self-Certified Devices Disclaimer
  • As there are a significant number of devices running the operating systems we support and a range of manufacturing standards, we can only assure the compatibility of the OS and the firmware versions that are actively tested by our partner organizations, as listed on this page.
  • Reference models are device models that partner organizations have tested in their product engineering labs.
  • You may use devices that have similar specifications to the reference models listed, however, we recommend you work with a systems integrator or an Appspace reseller to ensure the target devices are suitable for your deployment type and specific use case. If you do not have such a partner, please contact us and we’ll be happy to make some introductions.

This article provides Administrators with guidance to configure and register self-certified MediaStar devices with the Appspace App.


  • An Account Owner or Location Admin user role with the Platform User license assigned.
  • Sufficient Device Licenses when registering the device, and Content Licenses if displaying premium content.
  • Ensure the device meets the manufacturer’s minimum hardware and technical specifications, as per our Appspace Compatible and Self-Certified Devices article
  • Ensure your network is configured to allow Appspace allowed URLs and network ports.
  • Ensure the device clock is set to automatically retrieve time from a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, with the correct time zone for it to sync correctly with the Appspace server.
    • Appspace Cloud servers are configured to retrieve time from an NTP server by default. If an On-prem server is used, ensure the server is configured to retrieve time from an NTP server automatically.
    • Appspace timezone configuration includes time zones other than GMT. This enables users with daylight savings to adjust time accordingly.

Device Specific Prerequisites

  • Ensure the MediaStar device is running the latest firmware.

Configure MediaStar Devices

The following instructions are performed on your MediaStar device’s web interface.

  1. Log in to the MediaStar device’s web interface via the device’s IP address on your web browser.
  2. Select Operating Mode from the menu, and select the Signage operating mode option.
  3. Proceed to configure the Appspace App URL:
    • Enter the following Appspace App URL in the Signage URL field:
      • Public Cloud:
      • Private Cloud: https://<customer>
  4. Once completed, click Apply to launch Appspace App for Devices.
  5. Once launched, proceed to Register the MediaStar device with Appspace via the 6-character code displayed on the registration screen.

Configure MediaStar Devices via XML Configuration File (Bulk)

The following instructions are performed with an XML configuration file on a USB drive or web server.

  1. Create an XML configuration file with the following code:
  2. Save the XML configuration file as “782config.xml”.
  3. Configure the MediaStar 782 Media Player device’s Update Location page to point to the XML configuration file (782config.xml) located on the USB drive or web server.

Configure MediaStar Devices via MediaStar Manager

The following instructions are performed on your MediaStar device’s web interface and MediaStar Manager system.

  1. Log in to the MediaStar device’s web interface via the device’s IP address on your web browser.
  2. Select Media Manager Operating Mode (default mode) from the menu.
  3. The MediaStar Media Manager will automatically detect and add the MediaStar 782 Media Player device to the system.
  4. Proceed to use a media item in the MediaStar Media Manager to include the Appspace App content as the only media for the MediaStar 782 Media Player device.
  5. Alternatively, use the media within playlists or selection lists to combine Appspace content with other content, by setting the media item and registering the MediaStar 782 Media Player device through the usual Appspace registration process.

Technical Limitations

The following are some known issues and limitations:

  • 4K display output maxed out at 30fps. 60FPS will play correctly.
  • 4K at h264 24fps or h265 30 fps.
  • Device can only handle two simultaneous h/w decoded videos – on 4 zone video test, 2 are software decoded with degraded performance.
  • Images with resolutions higher than GPU capability will show significant performance issues (tested with 6000 x 4000 image).