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Kiosk Users have access to most of the platform content but are not allowed to edit, add, or interact with any data or any other user.

Users in Kiosk Mode are allowed to:

  • Access Public and Moderate Communities.
  • Access to Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Pages, Stories, and Sites.
  • Access to Newsfeed content and Filter.
  • Access to Documents, Videos, Photos, and Links.
  • Access to People’s directory.
  • Access to Action and Discovery Cards.
  • Access to Search capabilities.

Users in Kiosk Mode are not allowed to:

  • Create, edit, or follow new Communities, Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Pages, Stories, or Sites.
  • Request access to Restricted Communities.
  • Edit a Profile.
  • Edit Skills, Follow, or Contact other Users.
  • Use any of the Sharebox features.
  • Comment, Like, Bookmark, or Report content.
  • Follow or Edit Tags.
  • Access Restricted Communities or Knowledge Centers.
  • Edit or Upload files.
  • Use Quicklinks or the Notifications buttons.
  • Receive Notifications.
  • Create Action Cards.
  • Access any Editorial Setting.
  • Use Idea Management.
  • Use or configure the Beezy App Store.
  • Use the Beezy Bot.

Although some features might look available, every time a user tries to use any of the disabled features is notified with an Account Limitation warning:

Or, a Restriction Warning:

It is not possible to disable these warnings while in Kiosk Mode.

Please Note: Although this option restricts social interaction and content creation, it might expose private and sensitive information. Make sure that this kind of access is assigned to the right employee or team of employees.