Room Schedule Card Release Notes

These release notes provide information on the new features, enhancements, resolved escalations, and bug fixes completed in each release for the Room Schedule card, which is also an Appspace supported card.

v 1.13

Release Date: 1 Oct 2020

Support for Room Facilities for Custom Calendar Providers

Configure and display available room facilities from a custom calendar provider, as icons on the card when displayed on the screen.

The following facilities are supported:

  • Ethernet
  • Phone
  • Projector
  • Video Conference
  • Whiteboard
  • Wifi
  • Screen Share

These facilities can also be configured via the device property.

Patch Updates

v 1.13.1

Release Date: 20 Oct 2020

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6332 – Unable to make bookings in advance even after selecting the “Allow 7 day advance booking” feature.

v 1.12

Release Date: 25 Sept 2020

Improved Room Search Function

The room search function has been improved to support additional room category values, when the Room Schedule card is configured with the Google GSuite calendar provider. This allows rooms with the following categories to also be displayed when searching for rooms.

  • “OTHER”

v 1.11

Release Date: 8 July 2020

The Room Schedule card content creation workflow and card editing user interface has been updated and streamlined in conjunction with the release of the completely redesigned Library module in Appspace 8.0.

Redesigned Card Editor

The card editor has been updated with a new UI and workflow, which groups key functions and features into tabs and sections for improved user experience, such as:

  • Preview tab – this tab appears only after the content is saved and the editor window is opened. Preview options include ResponsiveResponsive 16:92K4KTabletPhone, or Custom.
  • Edit tab – configure the card layout, message title and summary, logo, background and a featured media/image. Also, depending on card or template type, you may see these additional sections:
    • Design section – includes customized design options for each card type, which includes color palette, background, logo, and style selection options.
    • Configuration section – includes customized configuration options for each card type, such as chart options.
  • Article tab – write the content article, caption, and include a referral link if any.
  • Schedule tab – here you add the content directly to any existing channel, and configure its playback schedule and display properties.
  • Settings tab – in this tab you may add a name for this card, configure its expiry date, add tags, and add a thumbnail image.

New Category and Tags

When creating a card, you now have the option to filter results based on tags and card template categories which are based on card types such as Messaging, Data, Services, Feeds, and Legacy content – to easily find what you need from a huge list of templates available.

Patch Updates

v 1.11.3

Release Date: 4 Sept 2020

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6172 – When loading the Schedule Room card on Appspace for PWA, all information from the local storage that is not related to the card is removed, including registration details.

v 1.11.2

Release Date: 24 July 2020

Improvements to the Office 365 calendar provider authentication process has been made, allowing users to select their Office 365 credentials without having to request for approval once again, if approval had already been granted before.

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-5951 – Card has lost connection to Office 365 calendar provider.
  • AE-6069 – Card unable to validate rooms and connect to the Office 365 calendar provider.

v 1.11.1

Release Date: 17 July 2020

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-6083 – The Room Schedule card configured with a GSuite account, does not display on iPads.

v 1.10

Release Date: 1 May 2020

The Room Schedule card has been updated with the following features and UI improvements:

  • Demo mode supports mock booking operations
    • The previously introduced Demo mode now supports mock booking operations, allowing users to fully visualize and simulate the experience of making a booking through the Room Schedule card without the need to connect to a calendar provider during card creation.
    • Booking operations made in Demo mode are wiped clean, together with the mock data when the card is saved.

v 1.9

Release Date: 20 Mar 2020

The Room Schedule card has been updated with the following features and UI improvements:

  • Support for Cisco Codec Facilities, which allows the card to display the Cisco device facility status, such as capacity and video on the card. The following icons would be displayed in an active, inactive, and default state of the card.
  • Support for custom fonts.
  • Support for switching off LED lights on Crestron TSS devices, when the device is offline or Card state is offline, unconfigured, or invalid.
  • Room Schedule UI Improvements:
    • New layout for Portrait View
    • Scrollable Time Slots
Resolved Bugs
  • CT-1817 – Incorrect countdown message displayed when card is in “Occupied” state.

v 1.8

Release Date: 28 Feb 2020

The Room Schedule card has been updated with the following features and styling options:

  • Demo mode preview
    • Allows users to preview the card interactively, either via the App or in the Library, without having to authenticate the card first.
  • UI improvements
    • The gear icon replaces the door icon, when accessing the Settings drop-down menu.
    • Default thumbnail and icons have been updated.
    • Check-in state UI has been updated.
    • Primary text displayed on the card are bolded.
  • New device tasks templates
    • Device task template to listen to events from a touch sensor device using an API to check-in, extend, or end a meeting, and if the room has occupants it will trigger the card to display the occupied status, for non-bookable rooms.
    • Device task template to listen to events from a touch sensor device using an API to check-in, extend, or end a meeting.

v 1.7

Release Date: 17 Jan 2020

The Room Schedule card has been updated with the following features and styling options:

  • Support for Rooms with Restricted Permissions and Booking Disabled
    The Room Schedule card will automatically disable the ‘Enable booking’ option on the card configuration template, if the calendar provider has restricted viewing access for the said resource/room.
    Subsequently, on the room booking app (Appspace App), interactivity and the booking option are turned off, while the meeting details are still displayed. This improvement eliminates users from incorrectly assuming the booking function is broken, as previously they were able to see a Book Now button that did not function.
  • Display Date and Time
    Users can now display the date and time in the card, by checking the “Show clock” checkbox in the Styling section.
  • Support for Renaming Rooms via API
    The Room Schedule API has been improved to support the renaming of any current meeting.
Resolved Bugs
  • CT-1675 – The ‘Available’ state is seen briefly when reloading a Room Schedule card that is in an ‘Occupied’ or ‘Check-in’ state.

v 1.6

Release Date: 27 Dec 2019

We have updated the compatibility of Room Schedule 1.6 card for Appspace Progressive App (PWA) to ver. 2.5.

The Room Schedule card has been updated with the following features and styling options:

  • Custom Calendar Provider
    A new Custom Calendar Provider option has been added to allow users to use their own calendar provider on the Room Schedule card, besides Office 365 and G Suite. Configuration is simple, as users only need to enter the calendar provider URL and API key. Optionally, users may configure the HTTP headers in order to pass additional meta data to the calendar provider, either to further secure the connection, or to fix authentication issues.
  • Show Meeting Name
    Users can enable or disable meeting names in the card, by checking or unchecking “Show meeting name” checkbox in the Styling section.
    If checked, the meeting name will be displayed in the following views:

    • Room Information view
      • Booked 
      • Check-in
    • Meeting information
  • Show organizer’s name
    Users can display or hide the organizer’s name, by checking or unchecking “Show organizer’s name” checkbox in the Styling section.
    If checked, the organizer’s name will be displayed in the following views:

    • Room Information view
      • Booked 
      • Check-in
    • Meeting Information
  • Screen Share Icon for Meeting Room Facilities
    Updated the Room Facilities device property to include the Screen Share icon, allowing users to display the availability of screen sharing devices in the meeting room, by adding the “ScreenShare” value to the “” device property during the card creation.
  • UI Improvement
    Room availability texts are now aligned to be vertically middle of the Room Schedule card.
Resolved Bugs
  • CT-1605 – Updating the room label, changes the room state from offline to available.
Resolved Escalations
  • AE-5686 – Users are logged out from the Appspace console, during card initialization.
  • AE-5714 – Check-in button isn’t available, resulting in the meeting being ended automatically after 10 mins.

v 1.5

Release Date: 2 Nov 2019

The following additional supported commands for post messaging APIs for custom integrations have been included:

  • Book  – Books a meeting
  • Extend – Extends the current meeting
  • End – Ends the current meeting
  • Auto Cancel – Automatically cancels the meeting if no one checks-in

Patch Updates

v 1.5.1

Release Date: 20 Nov 2019

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-5661 – Room Schedule card displays an authorized meeting room as unauthorized

v 1.4

Release Date: 7 June 2019

The Room Schedule card now supports Crestron’s Room Availability Indicator for Crestron TSS devices, which allows users to quickly identify if a room is available or occupied through the LED light indicators that are mounted above meeting rooms.

This feature is only supported on Appspace App 1.47 and above

Patch Updates

v 1.4.1

Release Date: 17 July 2019

A minor update to the Room Schedule card allows the rooms list and room info to be retrieved when authenticating with User Authentication that does not have administrative privileges

v 1.3

Release Date: 29 April 2019

An minor update to the Room Schedule card, enabling support for application authentication on Microsoft Office 365, which is ideal for viewing multiple rooms in organizations that do not allow user based logins, an account with administrator privileges can book all rooms in the organization.

v 1.2

Release Date: 11 May 2019

We’ve added the following new features to the Meeting Room card:

  • Booking 7-days ahead – You can now book a meeting room up to 7-days in advance, if the option is enabled when creating the card.
  • Video as background – Setting a playlist channel as background has been expanded to support video content.
  • 24-hour time format – You can now set the time in 12 or 24 hour formats.
  • Added visual configurations – these features can now be configured: background mask, room label, and color for the Check-In and Occupied statuses.
  • Display room facilities – Configure and display available room facilities from a calendar provider, as icons on the card. This is also configurable via a device property. Currently only supports the Google Calendar provider.
  • External integration – Developers can now integrate the Meeting Room card using post messaging to listen to events, and send commands.

Patch Updates

v 1.2.2

Release Date: 9 June 2018

The Meeting Room card has been renamed to Room Schedule card, as part of our rebranding initiative.

v 1.1

Release Date: 9 June 2018

Improvements to the Meeting Room card with the addition of the following features:

  • Meeting Room cards are now supported on iOS based devices, in addition to support for Android.
  • Check-in option for a meeting – allows users to check-in to a meeting. If no-one checks-in within 10 minutes after the start of the meeting, the room booking is automatically cancelled.
  • Additional options when configuring a card:
    • Show available time slots – available meeting time slots will be displayed on the meeting room display page.
    • Naming of instant meetings – allows meetings booked via instant booking to be named, and not just displayed as “Instant Booking” on the meeting room display page.
    • Show/hide upcoming meetings – displays the upcoming meetings for the day at the lower right column of the meeting room display page.
    • Match the background color with the status color – allows the status accent color (Available: Green, Booked: Red, Check-in: Amber) to be reflected in the background, consuming the entire meeting room display page, instead of just the right panel.
  • Support for private meetings – meetings configured as “private” on the calendar provider, will have the meeting name hidden, and displayed as “Private Meeting” on the meeting room display page.

Patch Updates

v 1.1.1

Release Date: 10 August 2018

The following updates to the Meeting Room card:

Support for Chrome OS version 64 (in addition to iOS and Android). You can now configure Meeting Room cards on your Chrome based devices, and leverage the room booking services with Google or Microsoft calendar providers.

  • Optimizations include:
    • CSS layout fixes for the time slot availability screen in portrait mode on iOS.
    • Standardized error handling for rooms with an offline status:
    • When room is offline, a round status icon in red is displayed.
    • When room is offline, last update time is displayed.
    • When room is offline, ‘Room Offline’ is displayed instead of meeting name or room available information.
  • Improved exception error handling during calendar provider authentication process.

Optimizations to the back-end device deletion process to improve how Appspace handles devices that have been unregistered.

v 1.0

Release Date: 14 April 2018

An all new Meeting Room card that enables you to setup informative and interactive touch-screen enabled instant meeting room bookings on any compatible Android-powered tablet running the Appspace App.

  • The card will retrieve and display meeting schedules by location and integrates with the following calendar data providers:
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Google Calendar
  • Includes the following booking options:
    • Book Now – allows users the option to book instantly, up to a maximum of four 30 minute blocks, (2 hours), depending on the start of the next scheduled meeting.
    • Advanced Booking – allows users to book a meeting room in advance for the same day only, by selecting the preferred time blocks, with each block a minimum of 15 minutes. However, Advanced Booking can be disabled if this feature isn’t required.
    • Extend Booking – allows users to extend their current meeting room booking, up to a maximum of four 30 minute blocks (2 hours), if the meeting room is available.
    • End Booking – allows users to end their current meeting room booking, by tapping the End Meeting button if the user had booked the meeting room through the Room card on the device.
      If the meeting room is scheduled other than on the Room card, the End Meeting button will only be displayed if the meeting had been extended through the Room card, in which tapping the End Meeting button will only end the extension of the meeting.
  • Displays upcoming meetings – displays up to four meetings at a time or all meetings until the end of the day if current time is before 6pm, or meetings up to 6 hours ahead if current time is after 6pm. Syncing is done every minute.
  • Display orientation – the card can be displayed in landscape or portrait orientation, depending on the device configuration.
  • Theme customizations – customizations to background color, background image, available room color, and custom logo.

Refer to Booking Single Meeting Rooms (Room Schedule Card) for more information.