Problem: Unable to Register/Load Cisco Devices Running Signage Mode

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When a Cisco Collaboration Endpoint (CE) device that has been configured to run in signage mode is unable to do the following:

  • Cisco CE device is unable to load the Appspace App registration screen.
  • Cisco CE device is unable to be registered on the Appspace console.
  • Cisco CE device appears to be registered, but not listed in Devices on the Appspace console.


This issue may be caused by old data, such as cache, cookies, and local storage, that isn’t cleared automatically when the device restarts.

Solution or Workaround

A workaround would be to manually delete the storage data from the Cisco CE device by manually executing the following API command:

  • API command: xCommand WebEngine DeleteStorage Type: All

For more information or instructions on the API Command, please refer to your Cisco CE device manual, or page 341 of the Application Programming Interface (API) Reference Guide for Cisco Collaboration Endpoint Software 9.9 guide

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