View Analytics in Console

The all-new Analytics module, which is part of the new Appspace 8.0 release, will provide console-based statistics for content, channels, enterprise messaging apps, users, devices, and the Appspace content portal,

User Roles & Permissions in Appspace

This document provides a comprehensive introduction to user roles available in the Appspace platform, the privileges each role is entitled to, and which roles are necessary to perform the different administrative functions in the Appspace console.

Add and Send User Invitations

This article provides the instructions to add additional users to your Appspace instance via email invitation in the Users extension. This workflow covers the basics of creating and sending an

Create and Organize User Groups

This article provides the instructions to create a user group, move the group to a different network, and assign existing users to individual or multiple user groups. Prerequisites You must

View User Profile in Console

To view your Appspace user profile: Click the User icon and the User name link. In the Edit User Profile Details page, you can manage your user details such as Name, Password, and Profile image.

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