Find a complete list of articles with instructions to upgrade, setup, and configure your Appspace on-prem platform server.


Appspace 8.0 On-Prem System Requirements

This article lists all the requirements necessary to install, configure, and use Appspace 8.0 on-prem. Use this information to ensure you are always working with an Appspace supported and optimized system for hardware, operating system, network, and browsers.


Browse and Navigate Users in Appspace 8.x

Invite users and manage user profiles, permissions, and roles in the Users module in Appspace 8.0, which introduces a brand new user interface with a streamlined design and workflows for improved user experience.


Install Appspace 8.0 On-Prem

This article provides the instructions to download, install, and configure the operating system, prerequisite software, and Appspace software, for a first-time install of an Appspace 8.0 on-prem deployment.


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7.17.2Adminconsole administrationOn-Prem

Configure Active Directory/LDAP

This article provides the instructions to configure Active Directory or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for single, and multiple domains. …

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7.17.2Adminconsole administrationOn-Prem

Uninstall Appspace On-Prem

This article provides instructions to uninstall Appspace on-prem using two different methods. The first method only renames the Appspace folder …

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7.17.2AdminCloudconsole administration

Change/Reset Console Password

This article provides the instructions to change/reset your Appspace on-prem server password.  Prerequisites User privileges on the Appspace server. Change …

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Configure Pass-Through Authentication

Pass-through Authentication allows you to provide users in your organization with an external Identity provider (IdP), with access to published …

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7.17.2Adminconsole administrationLegacy

Run a Software Deployment

This article provides the instructions to create, restore, deprecate, and delete player packages, as well as how to deploy these …

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