Appspace Core

Welcome to the Appspace 5.2 documentation.

As you may have noticed, our Knowledge Center has changed a little to accommodate how we do things in Appspace 6.0 – but don’t worry if you are using version 5.2 of Appspace, as all the documentation you need is still here.

Here you will find how-to guides for Appspace Core, which includes areas such as user management, advanced device management, content library and network management. Below is a list of other things you’ll probably need:

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New to Appspace?

Introduction to Appspace Core

Finding your way around Appspace Core

Glossary of Terms

Things you should know before you start

Appspace Browser Requirements

Appspace Supported Devices

Public and Private Cloud FAQ

Appspace Server Requirements

Appspace Installation Prerequisites

Learn to manage your content

How to create, rename and delete folders

How to upload content

How to search for content

How to share content with other users

How to transcode content

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Learn to create signs

How to create an application

How to add widgets to your application

How to create playlists for your applications

How to schedule content within your application

How to schedule layouts within your application

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Learn to manage devices

How to register an Edge 340 to Appspace Cloud

How to register a DMP to Appspace Cloud

How to group devices

How to assign an application to a device

How to unregister devices