Welcome to the Appspace 6.0 documentation

Naturally in Appspace 6.0 we have further refined the platform features that you rely on. Moreover, we have introduced new capabilities that let you simplify workflows and use Appspace in more ways than ever before (not to mention included some under the hood changes that will let us bring you even more simplicity and features in the future).

As part of this exercise we have considerably consolidated our platform’s how-to documentation and categorized them into:

  • Appspace – A section dedicated to the features in the management console.
  • Appspace App – A section dedicated to devices and device software.

Existing functionalities such as search and PDF work the same way as before.


We’d love to hear from you about your experience with our documentation so if you have any comments about the changes or steps within any of our how-to articles then please click the speech bubbles in the top right of the page or by using the Give Feedback link in the footer. We look forward to hearing from you!

What’s New in Appspace 6.0?

Cards: Cards make it simple for anyone to create, manage and publish information and content in Appspace with easy (customizable) theming options and automatic formatting for different devices and aspect ratios. Learn more >

Channels: Channels make it simple to get relevant content and information to specific users or devices. Create channels for any special group you can think of—like individual departments or programs—and their channels automatically appear in the easy-to-use Appspace App. Learn more >

Enhanced user management: A more flexible user membership model enables a user to belong to multiple user groups and inherit new permissions. User groups can now also have their own content library. As such, users who belong to multiple user groups can now access multiple libraries. Learn more >

New device support: The Appspace App now supports the MediaVue SureVue D1 media player: an ultra-compact, low-power media player capable of rich 1080p content playback. Learn more >

See what else is new in the Appspace 6.0 Release Notes.