Last updated on July 22, 2016

The Appspace console

The following illustrates the layout and interface of the Appspace platform dashboard.

Appspace menu

The Appspace menu is the primary location for all Appspace features and tools:


The availability (and visibility) of these features vary depending on your subscription type, deployment type (cloud or on-premise), user role, and general product availability.

  • Dashboard

    The Dashboard, also the default landing page, displays information-based widgets relevant to the Appspace user who has logged in, such as a list of recently updated signs, widgets, and content, and is also the default landing page.

  • Signs

    Signs helps you create scalable digital signage channels with images, videos, video streams, and widgets.

  • Content group

    The Content group consists of resources that are related to media content and assets. These include but are not limited to Library, Cards, and Alerts.

  • Admin group

    The Admin group contains extensions and tools that include Users, Device Tasks, Networks, and Reports, for administrative tasks.

  • System group

    The System group contains additional system and server-wide accessibility, and configuration options, that include Support, Account, Downloads, Configuration, Languages, Deployments, and such.

System buttons

The following describes the buttons on the Appspace menu bar:

  • User button

    The User button includes a link to the user’s account profile, and allows you to switch networks, view the user roles assigned to you, switch to Administrator Mode, and change the default language.

  • Notifications button

    The Notifications button displays a list of notifications on user activity, user group or invitation activity, and content approval activity.

  • Help (Knowledge Center) button

    The Help button is a quick link to the Appspace Knowledge Center, a repository of all Appspace product documentation that includes installation, configuration, and how-to user guides.

  • Search button

    Use the Search button to search using keywords.