Last updated on July 01, 2016

Installing custom fonts for Appspace App

This article provides instructions to install custom fonts on devices installed with Appspace App.


  • A sign or channel using the custom font.
  • Font files in .ttf or .woff format located on a web server or remote location.

Installing Custom Fonts

Follow the instructions below to install system fonts on a Appspace App related device:

  1. In Networks, click the Players tab, and click the desired Appspace App device.

  2. Click the Properties tab, and insert the following property and value:

    Property Value
    Player.Fonts.Custom.<font-name> http://<domain>/<font-name>.ttf

    The custom font is loaded, and installed on the Appspace App.

  3. On the Appspace App, open the Device Menu by pressing the ‘CTRL + Alt + M’ key on the keyboard or Menu on the remote control.

  4. Select Restart. This is to ensure that the custom font stays even after a restart.


    If the custom font is not displayed, select Resync or Reset Content in the Device Menu.