Last updated on July 20, 2016

Registering a device with the Appspace App

This article provides instructions to register a device with Appspace App.


Download the Appspace App and configure your device according to instructions in the individual device configuration articles.

Registering the Appspace App

  1. Launch the Appspace App from your device, and click ‘Lets get started!’.

  2. Enter in the Appspace server URL, and your Appspace credentials.


    For Appspace Cloud instances, use the URL link available in Downloads to register the device.

  3. Enter in a name to identify the device.

  4. Select a channel to display on the device.

  5. The Appspace App will begin registering your device, and display the selected channel.

Accessing the Appspace App Device Menu

You may access the Appspace App Device Menu by pressing the ‘Ctrl + Alt + M’ key on the keyboard, or the ‘Menu’ key on the remote control.

Appspace App Hotkeys

Below is a list of available hotkeys for the Appspace App.

  • Ctrl + Alt + M - Open the Device Menu
  • Ctrl + Alt + R - Reload the sign
  • Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow - Go to next layout in Signs
  • Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow - Go to previous layout in Signs