Last updated on January 13, 2018

Introduction to device tasks

Once you have devices up and running in your environment, monitoring them, managing them, and updating them becomes the priority. Appspace provides a central method for all these actions via Device Tasks.

Task templates make it easy for Network Administrators to query, schedule, and define device configurations across many of the devices that are compatible with the Appspace App. Many of the commonly used tasks are pre-loaded into Appspace for your convenience.

Appspace also provides several customized device tasks that can be downloaded from the Appspace console, such as tasks to change the default log level, update the device firmware, get or install fonts, reboot a device, and send RS232 commands.


Administrator privileges required to configure Device Tasks.

The table below provides links to download the latest device tasks package.

Device Type Download Link
Appspace App Download
Legacy Devices Download


For a complete list of device tasks that are supported, please refer to the Device Tasks Support section in the Media player support capability comparison article.