Last updated on January 31, 2017

1.9 Release Notes

This release note describes the new major build for Appspace App v1.9.


  • Support for touch screen displays in Interactive Mode and device registration for Chrome, BrightSign and SureVue devices.

Supported Hardware

Operating Environment Device Reference Models Minimum Firmware / OS Version
Chrome OS Chromebox

Dell Chromebox 3010

AOPEN Chromebox

ASUS Chromebox

Chrome OS 46

BrightSign 4K Series 2

BrightSign XD Series 2



v 6.1.76

BrightSign XT Series 3

BrightSign XD Series 3





v 6.2.63
Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) 3.0 DBE/DME/DHE/UDE-P/DME-BR series



MediaVue MediaVue SureVue

SureVue D1

SureVue D2

SureVue D4

SureVue D6

v 1.2.4
Cisco IEC Cisco IEC 4600 Series IEC-4650 v2.3.4b (build 5.354.406)

New Features and Enhancements

  • Support for touch screen displays in Interactive mode for Chrome, BrightSign, and MediaVue devices.
  • Support for touch screen displays in Signs for all devices.
  • Support for touch gestures in the Device Registration and Device Menu screens.
  • A delay function has been added to the ‘loadmedia’ action, so that content can be loaded after x milliseconds to allow a nice mosaic effect when images are loaded.
  • A playlist with multiple contents is played in a loop until user navigates out from the channel.
  • In Signs, if context selected is “Month” in the Event Calendar widget, events from the last 30 days, and the next 30 days from today’s date are displayed.


  • In Chromebit, logs are automatically kept for 7 days only.


  • Memory and CPU usage information is now displayed in the Device Information screen.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-2677 - Event Calendar widget behaves differently on flash based devices.
  • AE-2687 - Chromebox stops playing the channel, and displays “Device is loading the channel” message.
  • AE-2702 - A placeholder border appears on the Media Container widget when it should not.
  • AE-2767 - Flash content in the Media Zone widget is not displayed in a Chromebox.
  • AE-2856 - Sign stops cycling layouts after the first cycle.
  • AE-2860 - The SWF (Flash) file format does not work in Appspace App 1.8 with Chromebox version 54.0.2840.93.
  • AE-2867 - ChromeBox displays a black screen when web page content duration is longer than the layout duration.

Patch Updates



  • All HTML5 devices

    • Implementation of the Frequency settings in the Playout Properties page in a sign, which runs a validation check for a content, for all Appspace App devices. Content can be displayed according to the frequency duration (minute, hourly, or daily), and once it has reached the defined frequency, the content becomes invalid.
    • Interactivity is supported in web contents in Interactive Mode. Users can now interact with content on areas not covered with a hotspot.

  • BrightSign

    • Support for volume adjustment with a Roku remote control on BrightSign players.

Resolved Bugs

  • APC-3070 - In BrightSign, the Channel Info overlay does not hide when user clicks outside the overlay.
  • APC-3170 - In Interactive Mode, the Dark theme is briefly seen before loading the Light theme.
  • APC-3348 - When a content becomes invalid in a playlist, the Loading icon is displayed, instead of playing the next valid content.
  • APC-3351 - Images in the RSS viewer widget do not display on players after an hour of playback.
  • APC-3352 - The Appspace default logo is displayed, and then replaced by the custom logo during load.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-2854 - Touchscreen display becomes unresponsive when left untouched overnight.


Resolved Escalations

  • AE-2959 - Transparent background on Rich Text appears as solid, after 1.9.1 update.
  • AE-2962 - Unable to login to non-https based server when using a non-protocol URL.

Known Issues


  • Loading icon is displayed during a playlist playback, as the channel being called has not completely loaded, causing it to load an empty channel. A workaround to this issue, is to delay calling the channel from 0.5s to 1.5s, in order to allow the channel to be loaded first.

  • Appspace App driven devices are limited to a certain number of videos that can be inserted in a layout, to prevent performance issues.

    Device No. of videos per layout
    MediaVue 6
    ChromeOS 4
    BrightSign 1
    Samsung SSP 1
    Cisco IEC 1


  • Devices with Chromium version 54.0.2840.101 and above have issues playing flash files, as Google has stopped supporting flash. As a workaround, the Appspace App streams all flash files directly from the server via a virtual web page created at run time.
  • In kiosk mode, the on-screen keyboard will not be displayed if a physical keyboard is plugged into the device.


  • Calling Player Properties fails in the latest update of Appspace App 1.9.1, however the workaround to this, would be to add the following property, “version” = “1.1”, in the schema.json file. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Workaround for calling Player Properties section in the Cards Template article.