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The Appspace Intranet (powered by Beezy) daily notifications email compiles a summary of all the notifications that the user has received in Appspace Intranet during the last day.

Administrators can force that new users are automatically subscribed to this daily email, by checking the option New users are subscribed to daily notifications from the section Settings > Basic configuration > E-mail settings.

2021-10-13 10_37_14-Beezy - Settings.png

If this option is checked, new users will receive the daily email by default, but they will be able to disable it from the Notifications page:

mceclip0 (17).png

This email is only sent if the user has received at least one notification in the previous 24 hours. If the user does not receive any notification that day, they do not receive the email.

The email is sent every Monday at 2 AM GMT. The time of the mail cannot be changed.