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The first configuration action that administrators need to perform in a Beezy installation is to specify the Beezy license key. This key is provided to customers through Beezy’s support channel or by the corresponding Beezy partners.

License keys have an expiration date or an expiration period; it is very important to use a valid and active license key in your production environment.

If you have an invalid or expired license key, the following message will appear when accessing any Beezy component:


Also, the License key section of Beezy settings will appear in red:

In order to set up the license key, please go to Beezy settings > License key and paste the provided key:

Please check the field I have read and accept the End User License Agreement to continue.

When you introduce a valid license key, the License key section will become blue. When you enter this section again, please note that below the key field, the application displays its expiration date.