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An entity has a single Hero layout published at a time. One and just one.
If admins change between layouts, they need to press Publish again if they want to publish a layout different from the already published one.

A tooltip with a validation message appears when hovering over the Publish button if some blocks are not configured. Only when all blocks are configured, the button appears enabled.
If the layout is not published, the button will be Publish. When the layout is published, the button will be Update.

After publishing, a green ribbon with a timestamp and a link to the start page appears. This ribbon is hidden only after clicking on the cross icon.
Also after publishing, the layout dropdown will have the currently published layout in the Published section, and all the other enabled layouts in the Available section.


This option will be in the three dots menu.
When we Unpublish we save the “draft” version (not saved version) of each block, not the published one, if existing. If the block was reset in the configuration after Unpublish, that block is still empty.

When the Unpublish option is clicked a confirmation modal appears to avoid errors.

After the Unpublish action, there is no Hero visible for all the users, and the Update button text reverts to Publish.