Appspace 8.3 Draco Release Notes for Public Cloud

The Public Cloud release notes for the Appspace 8.3 Draco platform contain valuable information on the latest features, enhancements, bug fixes, and resolved escalations available in each public cloud release. 

For Appspace Cloud security compliance information and release cadence, please refer to our Appspace Trust and Cloud Architecture & Platform Release Cadence pages.

The following is the release management schedule as per our Release Calendar for Public Cloud:

  • New Appspace functionality and major platform optimizations will now be released under an eight-week release cycle, scheduled at 02:00 CST on Saturday.
  • Scheduled minor feature updates, cloud service optimizations, and bug and escalation fixes are typically scheduled at 02:00 CST time throughout the week, typically on a Tuesday or Saturday.
  • Critical updates including security patches or emergency fixes that support the reliability and availability of the Appspace platform will be deployed as necessary and as soon as it is administratively feasible.

23 Sept 2023, Saturday

Draco build 8.3-ac.4


  • AE-9474 – Unable to upload large video files.
  • AE-9492 – Unallocated content is not automatically deleted from the Library.
  • AE-9603 – Campus displayed to all users as a building in the Visitor Invite Location dropdown menu.
  • AE-9613 – Broadcasts trigger an hour after the scheduled time.
  • AE-9667 – Unable to provision users after being added to a user group assigned with Premium licenses.
  • AE-9685 –
  • AE-9690 – 
  • AE-9710 –
  • AE-9714 –

14 Sept 2023, Thursday

Draco build 8.3-ac.3.4


  • AE-9685 – Multiple errors are displayed to the user on the console during the first login.
  • AE-9721 – Sync issues causing resource reservation conflicts between devices and Microsoft 365.

13 Sept 2023, Wednesday

Draco build 8.3-ac.3.3


  • AE-9685 – Multiple errors are displayed to the user on the console during the first login.
  • AE-9721 – Sync issues causing resource reservation conflicts between devices and Microsoft 365.

12 Sept 2023, Wednesday

Draco build 8.3-ac.2.3 (Private Cloud Only)


  • AE-9721 – Sync issues causing resource reservation conflicts between devices and Microsoft 365.

9 Sept 2023, Saturday

Draco build 8.3-ac.3


  • AE-9455 – Long response times encountered when loading floor maps on the Employee App.
  • AE-9501 – Duplicate visitor invitations displayed in the exported Daily Visitor Invites report.
  • AE-9666 – Unidentified location displayed under the user profile for the People directory on the Employee App.

8 Sept 2023, Friday

Draco build 8.3-ac.2.2 (Private Cloud Only)


  • AP-37968 – Duplicate commands are prevented from being processed in the app publishing queue.

26 Aug 2023, Saturday

Draco build 8.3-ac.2


  • AE-9345 – Duplicate reservation bookings found on a single resource.
  • AE-9455 – Long response times encountered when loading the floor maps on the Employee App.
  • AE-9500 – Long response times encountered when loading the Building drop-down menu in Visitors on the Employee App.
  • AE-9650 – The Calendar widget does not load in Advanced Channels.

15 Aug 2023, Tuesday

Draco build 8.3-ac.1.1 (Private Cloud Only)


  • AP-37440 – Event syncing adjusted to 15 seconds elapsed handler for reservation providers.


  • AE-9593 – Checkpoints that have expired still execute the Attendee compliance, if the “Applies to” is set to “Organizer only”.

5 Aug 2023, Saturday

Draco build 8.3-ac.1


Appspace Enhancements

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Post Connectors The Post Connectors “Connectors” integration feature is a major step forward for the Appspace Employee App, as it allows third-party information systems to seamlessly integrate with the aim of automating content provisioning within the Employee App. 

This feature is motivated by the desire to enhance interoperability with external systems and save time and resources by eliminating redundant content creation efforts. By reducing manual labor and improving content management processes, the main goal is to enhance user efficiency. The key benefits include automatic content creation from third-party systems, streamlining workflows, and providing better control over content flow within the platform.

Roadmap Feature
Broadcast – Support for Common Alert Protocol (CAP) The Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is now supported on Broadcasts, allowing external emergency alerts or public warnings by local authorities to be displayed within the organization.

Developed as an effort to standardize alerts, the CAP is an XML-based data format that seamlessly integrates between public and private alerting technologies.

Roadmap Feature

Visitor Management and Space Reservations

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Reservation Approvals The Reservation Approvals feature supports alternative workflows when booking resources with restrictions, either due to controlled resource access or the need to exceed user concurrency permissions.

This enhancement allows employees to secure the necessary approvals required to complete their reservations effectively.

Roadmap Feature
Host Visibility Restrictions The Host Visibility Restrictions feature essentially limits Hosts from viewing all visitors within the Visitor Directory, which may be misused.

With this feature enabled, Hosts may only see suggestions or search for Visitors within the drop-down of the Visitor Invite, that had been invited previously by the corresponding hosts.

This improvement aligns with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it provides better control and privacy of visitor information.

Roadmap Feature

Appspace Employee App

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Featured News Feed Content With more users subscribing to multiple ‘feeds’ within the Appspace Employee App, content in news feeds have a short duration before being replaced with newer content items.

The Featured News Feed Content feature allows customers the ability to highlight or promote specific posts over a set duration. This improvement aims to enhance the visibility of relevant content to users on the Employee App. This feature also serves various purposes, including increasing user engagement, highlighting crucial updates, and showcasing multiple events and user-generated posts.

Roadmap Feature

Devices & Partner Integrations

Features Description Impact/Outcome
PWA Caching

We are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature that enhances the performance and efficiency of Appspace Progressive Web App (PWA) devices. With the implementation of caching, content streaming is eliminated, resulting in a significant reduction in overall bandwidth usage.

By leveraging caching technology, Appspace PWAs intelligently store and retrieve content locally on the device. This eliminates the need to constantly stream content over the network, resulting in faster loading times, improved responsiveness, and substantial bandwidth savings.

With our caching feature, users can enjoy a seamless and efficient experience while accessing content on their Appspace PWAs. Say goodbye to buffering and delays, and embrace the optimized performance brought by caching.

Upgrade to the latest version of Appspace and unlock the benefits of caching for your Progressive Web App devices. Streamline your content delivery, conserve bandwidth, and ensure a superior user experience with our cutting-edge caching technology.

Roadmap Feature

Retroactive support targetted for all fully certified platforms running PWA.

Coming to:

  • Leading browsers on MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • Poly Studio X-Series
  • Cisco RoomOS
  • Crestron
  • Google Meet
  • Mersive
Cisco Webex RoomOS 11.5 Support – Appspace App for Devices Support for Cisco Webex RoomOS 11.5 on Appspace App for Devices Roadmap Feature
iOS 16 Support – Appspace App for Devices Support for iOS 16 on Appspace App for Devices Roadmap Feature
Zoom Conferencing Integration The Zoom integration with Space Reservations delivers conferencing support to customers, allowing users to connect and collaborate virtually by adding the Zoom conferencing feature to their reservations.

Details of the conference call are easily accessible from within the reservation details. Additionally, users may also access conference calls directly from their preferred communication channel, either through the enterprise messaging app or email notifications.

Roadmap Feature

Awaiting Approval


Features Description Impact/Outcome
Visitor Kiosk Card Refer to the Visitor Kiosk Card Release Notes for more detailed information.
Roadmap Feature
Web View Card Refer to the Web View Card Release Notes for more detailed information.
Roadmap Feature
Room Schedule Card Refer to the Room Schedule Card Release Notes for more detailed information.
Roadmap Feature
Schedule Board Card Refer to the Schedule Board Card Release Notes for more detailed information.
Roadmap Feature