Appspace 8.6 Aquarius Release Notes for Cloud

The Public Cloud release notes for the Appspace 8.6 Aquarius platform contain valuable information on the latest features, enhancements, bug fixes, and resolved escalations available in each public cloud release. 

For Appspace Cloud security compliance information and release cadence, please refer to our Appspace Trust and Cloud Architecture & Platform Release Cadence pages.

The following is the release management schedule as per our Release Calendar for Public Cloud:

  • New Appspace functionality and major platform optimizations will now be released under a quartely release cycle, scheduled at 08:00 pm CST on Friday.
  • Scheduled minor feature updates, cloud service optimizations, and bug and escalation fixes are typically scheduled at 08:00 pm CST time throughout the week, typically on a Tuesday or Friday.
  • Critical updates including security patches or emergency fixes that support the reliability and availability of the Appspace platform will be deployed as necessary and as soon as it is administratively feasible.

19 Apr 2024, Saturday

Aquarius build 8.6-ac.1


Space Reservations

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Device Management Modernization Experience the revamped Device Management module in Appspace, designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. With its fresh UI/UX layout, navigating device management has never been smoother. Easily filter and sort devices, tailor details to your preferences, and efficiently execute actions on multiple devices simultaneously. It’s intuitive, sleek, and simplifies device management for seamless operations. Roadmap Feature


  • AE-9983 – Typo correction for canceled reservation.
  • AE-10380 – Zooming in using the mouse scroll displays duplicate resource titles in Map View.
  • AE-10411 – High memory consumption by screenshots and screenshots-background services

8 Apr 2024, Monday

Aquarius build 8.6-ac.1.1


  • AE-10481 – Performance issues experienced resulting in “Error getting channels” and “Failed to get your network. Please try again.” error messages displayed.
  • AE-10486 – Sync issues with O365 provider when syncing all resources except one.

5 Apr 2024, Saturday

Aquarius build 8.6-ac.1


Space Reservations

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Editable Checkpoints Administrators can now configure checkpoints to be editable, allowing submitted Reservation Checkpoint answers to be changed by Organizers or Attendees anytime (or a configurable duration) before the start of the reservation.

In addition to the enhancement above, Attendees have the option of previewing their responses, while Organizers have the option of previewing all responses that have been submitted, before proceeding to make changes.

This release also updates the current Checkpoint UI frame displayed to attendees for the following checkpoint types:

  • Form Type
  • Consent Type
  • Notice Type
Roadmap Feature
Reservable Spaces In Neighborhoods The Reservable Spaces in Neighborhoods feature revolutionizes workspace bookings, by offering employees without any specific workplace preferences a streamlined and efficient workflow in making reservations. This eliminates the need to manually select a resource, as the system will automatically assign an available resource to an employee based on the desired duration and neighborhood (zone). Roadmap Feature
Workplace Management Notifications This release expands Workplace Management Notifications, such as check-in reminders, reservation status, and visitor management notifications to be accessible within the Employee App user inbox, or through push notifications on the Employee App (mobile).
Roadmap Feature
Streamlined Visitor Invitation Workflow Organizations utilizing both Space Reservations and Visitor Management may now invite both employees and visitors within a single Streamlined Visitor Invitation Workflow, without having to toggle between separate systems or enter duplicate information. This workflow ensures a cohesive and unified experience for organizers by simplifying the process of organizing workplace meetings.

Invitations are synchronized between both Space Reservations and Visitor Management, allowing any changes made to the reservation event or attendees to be automatically reflected on both sides, guaranteeing consistency and accuracy throughout the process.

Roadmap Feature
Multi-Resource Reservation Improvements Multi-Resource Reservations now support the combination of resources from multiple providers, allowing organizations the flexibility of including resources created in Appspace (locally) or imported from an external provider, such as Google or Microsoft, for a unified reservation.
Roadmap Feature
Resource-Level Admins Resource-Level Admins revolutionize building administration within Appspace, providing organizations with unprecedented control and flexibility. Whether managing multi-floor buildings or complex organizational structures, this feature empowers Location Administrators to efficiently allocate access and permissions, optimizing resource management and enhancing overall operational effectiveness.
Floor-Level Notifications Floor-level Notifications aim to extend notification options to the floor level, empowering organizations to customize email notifications with greater precision, ensuring that communication is targeted and relevant to specific floors or departments within the building.
Improved Conflict Resolution Improved Conflict Resolution enhances the user experience by providing clearer notifications and visual cues to users when encountering conflicting reservations.

We have implemented distinct visual cues to differentiate between conflicted meetings and cancellations. Conflicting reservations are now highlighted with a unique icon color, making them easily distinguishable from canceled events within the Appspace UI.

Surface Sensor Information Experience a new dimension of workspace reservation with the Surface Sensor Information feature. This innovative integration with surface sensors captures crucial environmental data, enriching the workspace reservation experience with insights into noise levels, light levels, temperature, and more. Limited Release

Employee Communications

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summaries and Captions Introducing AI features for Pages and Stories, a powerful feature on our Employee App platform that harnesses advanced Large Language Models (LLM) to provide concise summaries and engaging captions, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

AI-Generated Summaries (TLDR)

AI-generated summaries offer readers quick insights into articles, allowing them to choose between brief overview or a deeper dive into the full content. Publishers have the flexibility to customize and control the suggested summary to their preference.

AI-Generated Captions

AI-generated captions enhance content visibility and engagement through engaging notifications tailored to various platforms such as Enterprise Messaging, Email, and Digital Signage. Crafted for contextual relevance, these captions entice users to engage with the content, ultimately boosting engagement and user satisfaction.

Roadmap Feature
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Suggested Tags Revolutionize content organization with AI-powered tag generation, guaranteeing precise and relevant labels for effortless content discovery. This feature streamlines content organization with enhanced precision with advanced algorithms, minimizing human error and ensuring accurate content categorization. Roadmap Feature
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Article Content Generation Leveraging AI’s profound understanding of context and content, this feature empowers users to dynamically generate, modify, and enhance text within articles, offering unprecedented flexibility and creativity in content management.

Users can effortlessly modify the sentiment, style, and tone of text to match desired expressions or audience preferences. Additionally, they can easily adjust text length to meet various content requirements, whether shortening for brevity or expanding for detail.

AI-Powered Text Generation

Users can input prompts to generate or template new articles, streamlining content creation. They can also explore various styles and tones, adapting to diverse content needs and preferences, while showcasing creative flexibility.

User Interaction

Users can seamlessly navigate a user-friendly interface for text selection and modification. They can also preview and adjust changes made by AI in real time, ensuring seamless integration and immediate feedback during the editing process.

Roadmap Feature
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Narration Revolutionize your content interaction experience with AI-powered narration for articles and the all-new Appspace Media Player. These features transform how users engage with content, providing an auditory experience that makes information consumption more accessible and versatile.

AI-Powered Narration:

Utilize advanced AI for Text-to-Speech conversion, enabling natural-sounding audio from articles. Enable accessible listening within the Appspace App, providing an alternative to reading, ideal for multitasking or users with visual impairments.

Appspace Media Player:

Users can create personalized listening playlists with Article Playlists, enabling seamless playback for a smooth, uninterrupted experience. Intuitive controls enhance the listening experience with user-friendly playback options.

Intelligent Playlist Generation:

Automated Catch-Up Playlists generate playlists to aid users in catching up on unread or unheard content from the previous week. Personalized Recommendations tailor playlists based on user interests, enhancing engagement. This feature maximizes time and engagement by providing relevant content for efficient consumption.

Roadmap Feature
Employee App Communities Introducing Communities on the Employee App, a significant leap forward within our Employee App platform, transforming the way employees collaborate, connect, share insights, and engage in meaningful discussions.

Communities enhances the overall digital workplace experience, aligning with efforts to integrate features from our Intranet product, offering a more rounded and dynamic platform that supports various forms of workplace communications, while addressing the need for user-driven collaboration spaces.

Key Community Features:

  • Community View: Gain insights into each community’s purpose and activities through intuitive widgets and stay updated with real-time posts and activities.
  • Seamless Navigation: Effortlessly browse and find Stories, Pages, Events, Files, and all shared content specific to a community.
  • Join and Network: Easily join communities aligned with interests or professional needs, invite colleagues to enhance community growth, and interaction.
  • Community Types: Choose between Public Communities for broad participation or Private Communities for focused group discussions.
  • Content Sharing and Creation: Share quick updates or create engaging content to spark discussions and collaboration within communities.
  • Community Membership Visibility: Discover who is part of each community, making it easier to connect and collaborate.
  • Community Analytics and Insights: Access statistics on community engagement levels and activity to gauge vibrancy and relevance.
Roadmap Feature
Location-Based Content Publishing Seamlessly publish content to the Employee App for employees with a designated Home Location, ensuring targeted communication, enhanced engagement, and streamline content delivery by eliminating the need for manual grouping of users based on their location, saving time, and effort.
Themes for Employee App Themes is an innovative feature that enhances the customization and functionality of the Employee App’s homepage, offering unprecedented control over the user experience.

The Themes management feature available on the console, allows administrators to create multiple themes for different locations, providing a tailored experience for various branches or departments within the organization.

Limited Release

Digital Signage

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Support for Samsung Tizen 7 / SSSP 10 Support for Samsung Tizen 7 / Samsung Smart Signage Platform 10 on Appspace App for Devices.
Firmware Support
Support for macOS 14 Sonoma Support for macOS 14 Sonoma on Appspace App for Devices.
Firmware Support
Support for BrightSign Series 5 Devices. Support for the latest BrightSign Series 5 players running BrightSign OS 9 on Appspace App for Devices.

Below is a list of our BrightSign Series 5 reference devices:

  • XC4055
  • XT1145
  • XD1035
  • HD1025
  • LS445
Firmware Support
Support for Neat Devices Support for Neat devices for conferencing and digital signage. This will be an Appspace Built-in experience, controlled through Neat’s cloud management platform, Pulse.

Below is a list of our Neat reference devices:

  • Neat.Pad
Roadmap Feature
Vimeo Card Enhancements Support for displaying Vimeo Showcases enhances the Vimeo card by allowing organizations to quickly publish multiple engaging videos to their signage network, while having a more simplified Appspace content library with fewer cards to manage.
Roadmap Feature
Social Card Improvements Social cards have been improved by allowing customers to specify a date range when displaying Facebook and Instagram posts, ensuring posts displayed are currently up-to-date without being restricted by the number of posts displayed.
Persistent Device Registration This feature tackles customer frustrations of re-registering devices by ensuring they retain their settings through updates and changes. By storing device identity on the platform, not on the device itself, we eliminate registration loss caused by volatile storage or partner updates.

This Persistent Device Registration enhancement guarantees device stability, simplifies management, and enhances the user experience for all customers.


This feature is supported only on devices running Appspace App 2.70.2 and above with unique identifiers, such as:

  • Android
  • Android TV
  • BrightSign
  • ChromeOS (only for devices enrolled in CDM / Enterprise mode)
  • Crestron (AM3K APK and TSS)
  • Electron macOS
  • iOS
  • LG webOS
  • Logitech
  • Poly
  • QBic
  • Tizen
Device Management Modernization Experience the revamped Device Management module in Appspace, designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. With its fresh UI/UX layout, navigating device management has never been smoother. Easily filter and sort devices, tailor details to your preferences, and efficiently execute actions on multiple devices simultaneously. It’s intuitive, sleek, and simplifies device management for seamless operations. Limited Release

Roadmap Feature

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