Appspace 8.7 Cygnus Release Notes for Cloud

The Public Cloud release notes for the Appspace 8.7 Cygnus platform contain valuable information on the latest features, enhancements, bug fixes, and resolved escalations available in each public cloud release. 

For Appspace Cloud security compliance information and release cadence, please refer to our Appspace Trust and Cloud Architecture & Platform Release Cadence pages.

The following is the release management schedule as per our Release Calendar for Public Cloud:

  • New Appspace functionality and major platform optimizations will now be released under a quartely release cycle, scheduled at 08:00 pm CST on Friday.
  • Scheduled minor feature updates, cloud service optimizations, and bug and escalation fixes are typically scheduled at 08:00 pm CST time throughout the week, typically on a Tuesday or Friday.
  • Critical updates including security patches or emergency fixes that support the reliability and availability of the Appspace platform will be deployed as necessary and as soon as it is administratively feasible.

15 July 2024, Monday

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.2.2


  • AE-10828 – Unable to display PowerBI snapshots.
  • AE-10898 – Reservation missing from search listing.

12 July 2024, Friday

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.2.1


  • AP-45122 – Recurring instance events with multiple resources fail to sync properly due to some resources having empty GUIDs, causing synchronization issues.

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.2


Space Reservations

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Places – At the Office Improvements The At the Office building selection dropdown has been enhanced to now allow employees to dynamically search for buildings and load more results during scrolling, significantly reducing the time and effort required to locate specific buildings.


Reservation Settings Improvements The tooltips for the Provider Reservations and Recurring Reservations with Conflict settings in Reservations have been updated with the following text for better clarity on the functionality of the feature.

“This setting permits reservations with overlapping conditions to be marked as “Conflict.” Note that these reservations persist, but the host must adjust conflicting parameters to confirm the meeting. Disabling the toggle cancels conflicting meetings outright.”

Employee Communications

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Sharebox Improvements The Sharebox has been updated with a new design, allowing users to publish both user posts and event posts directly to Communities, improving functionality and user experience.
Quick Posts – Events Employees may now enhance their Events posts by adding conference links and reservation resources. The location field allows for reservation resources to be added, creating the reservation simultaneously with the event.

Additionally, employees may include a conference link using the dedicated link field.


  • AP-40007 – Users with pending invitations are displayed in the Management Control permissions list.
  • AP-40429 – Incorrect icons are displayed for Geo, Campus, and Floor locations in the Select Location search bar.
  • AP-41276 – Unable to generate Space Reservations report past a certain date.
  • Ap-43636 – Entering “zone” in the Places search bar without pressing the Enter key, does not return any matches.
  • AP-43893 – Deleted users and user groups are not reflected and are still displayed in the Access Permissions tab.
  • AP-44600 – The default icon is displayed if an image is not uploaded to the resource.
  • AP-44906 – Zones are listed under resources in the Reservations.


  • AE-8958 – The number of Published Channels is inaccurately displayed in Device Details.
  • AE-10014 – User with permissions cannot edit contents within the playlist channel.
  • AE-10027 – Some resources fail to display their Location, Floor ID, and Floor Name values when generating the Reservations Report.
  • AE-10076 – Checkpoint filter issue on the Concierge dashboard.
  • AE-10332 – Building and Location fields are duplicated on the Visitor Notification email template.
  • AE-10531 – Disable content is re-enabled when content is added to the Library folder.
  • AE-10613 – Audio playback issues within the playlist channel, due to an unidentified Advanced Channel in the backend overriding all playlist channels.
  • AE-10807 – User is unable to access Device Tasks from their location.

13 July 2024, Saturday

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.1.8

(Private Cloud Only Build)


  • AE-10898 – Reservation missing from search listing.

11 July 2024, Thursday

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.1.7

(Internal Build)

This is an internal build focused on general platform stability, and maintenance features.

10 July 2024, Wednesday

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.1.6


  • AE-10779 – The IoT framework authkey changes after being updated.
  • AE-10848 – The IoT service for private clouds is not working.

3 July 2024, Wednesday

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.1.5


  • AP-45012 –A 1-second discrepancy between the channel timestamp and the device timestamp in single channel mode results in a persistent “out of sync” status.


  • AE-10860 – Unable to login to Appspace due to access to reCaptcha being blocked.

2 July 2024, Tuesday

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.1.4


  • AP-44837 – Manual polling timestamps are intermittently lagging by 1 second compared to the PNS (Push Notification Service) timestamps, causing minor discrepancies in the synchronization process.

1 July 2024, Monday

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.1.3


  • AE-10864 – Samsung Tizen and BrightSign devices lose communication and are out of sync.
  • AE-10865 – Incorrect device status displayed on the new Devices dashboard UI.

29 June 2024, Saturday

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.1.2


  • AP-44916 – Retrieving account configuration during an event sync, encounters duplicate dictionary keys, resulting in ArgumentException thrown.

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.1.1


  • AE-10811 – Cancelled reservation changes event status from “Cancelled” to “Conflict” during event sync.

28 June 2024, Friday

Cygnus build 8.7-ac.1


Space Reservations

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Smart Space Suggestions for Reservations Focused on simplifying the booking experience for users, Appspace introduces the Smart Space Suggestions feature to revolutionize workplace reservations. This advanced functionality provides intelligent recommendations for scheduling meetings, allocation of workspaces, organizing collaborative sessions, and planning events.

With adaptive algorithms and insightful suggestions, Smart Space Suggestions anticipates employee preferences and optimizes resource utilization, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Feature Highlights:

  • Time suggestions for reservations.
  • Alternative resource availability.
  • Quick Reserve Now option for previously booked resources.
  • Notifications when a favorite colleague is in the office.
Roadmap Feature
Places – At The Office UI Improvements Image placeholders for employees without profile pictures now display the employee’s initials for better identification and visibility in the At The Office tab in Places, instead of the default user silhouette.
Concierge – Support for Private Reservations Private Reservations is now supported in the Concierge view, ensuring reservation details are hidden from the Concierge, and only visible to attendees and the organizer.
Outlook Plugin Enhancement The Outlook plugin now utilizes Microsoft Outlook’s native Booking on Behalf process, ensuring the organizer field syncs with the selected calendar provider.
New Reservations Setting – Default Attendance The Default attendees to virtual is a new Reservations setting allowing administrators to set the default attendance of attendees to “Virtual” for reservations, providing a convenient option for organizations to streamline virtual attendees in remote environments.
The new “Default attendees to virtual” reservation setting is available in the Settings tab in Reservations.
New Reservations Setting – Hide Reservations in User Profile The Hide reservations in user profile is a new Reservations setting allowing administrators to disable or hide the Reservations tab in the Employee App User Profile, increasing privacy while minimizing distractions by ensuring colleagues only view pertinent information of the employee.
The new “Hide reservations in user profile” reservation setting is available in the Settings tab in Reservations.

Employee Communications

Features Description Impact/Outcome
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Translations

Introducing our new AI-based multilingual Translation feature, designed to enhance content creation by offering multiple language versions tailored to users’ preferences. Leveraging artificial intelligence for contextual understanding, this system dynamically generates content in various languages, ensuring users receive information in their preferred language.

Feature Highlights:

  • Multilingual UI: Implementing AI translation capabilities for various user interface items, such as the Navigation menu, App Links, Home Page widgets, and many more within the Employee App.
  • Translations for Pages and Stories: Implementing AI translation capabilities for content within the Employee App.
  • Content Language Setting for Authors: Authors can set a default language for their pages or stories, ensuring accurate translations and seamless transitions between languages.
  • Default Language Setting for Employees: Employees can define their default language based on location, automatically displaying content in their preferred language.
  • Enhanced Accessibility and Usability: Customizable language settings for both Authors and employees to cater to diverse linguistic needs and improve the overall user experience.

Roadmap Feature

This feature will be developed in multiple phases.

Channels and Topics Improvements


  • When a private or public playlist channel is created using the Employee App, the Creator is automatically added as a member/follower of the channel.
  • If subsequent Editors or Publishers are added who are not already members, they will also be added as members/followers.


  • When a private or public topic is created using the Employee App, the Creator is automatically added as a member/follower of the topic.
  • If subsequent Editors or Publishers are added who are not already members, they will also be added as members/followers.
This behavior is not applicable when Channels and Topics are created via the Admin console.
Editor Improvements Support for Multiple Authors
  • This feature improvement targets content creators, particularly Authors and Editors who manage Pages and Stories and frequently collaborate with multiple contributors.

New Preview Modal

  • On the Employee App’s Home screen, clicking Events, Pages, and Stories will open a preview window instead of redirecting users to the card content page.

WebP Image Support

  • Appspace now supports WebP (.webp) images, allowing users to upload .webp images in the Employee App and Library.
Home Page Themes for Employee App Home Page Themes now include a customization option allowing administrators to configure the number of shortcuts displayed per row on the Employee App mobile.

Digital Signage

Features Description Impact/Outcome
On-Screen Engagement – QR Codes and Reactions Introducing the On-Screen Engagement feature, designed to enhance interaction with digital signage and Employee Communications content. This feature integrates QR codes on signage screens, allowing users to effortlessly access additional information by scanning the codes with their mobile devices.

Feature Highlights:

  • Dynamic QR Codes: Utilize built-in “Referral Link” functionality for seamless integration with the Employee App and partner applications.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: QR codes provide direct access to relevant resources, improving accessibility and user engagement.
  • Simple Social Reactions: When content is shared via the Employee App, Simple Social Reactions are displayed on-screen, fostering interactivity and real-time feedback.
  • Seamless Integration: Combines dynamic QR generation, optimized URLs, and tracking to enhance user experience across platforms.

This feature enriches the viewing experience, promotes collaboration, and provides a comprehensive strategy for driving engagement through digital signage.

Roadmap Feature
Microsoft Teams Rooms Integration Introducing the groundbreaking Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) integration, enabling organizations to effortlessly manage and display Appspace digital signage content on MTR devices. With seamless integration and ease of use, this feature maximizes screen real estate, consolidates messaging, enhances communication, and elevates the end-user experience across the organization.

In this Limited Release, Appspace will only support and certify upon Windows-based MTR devices, to ensure compatibility and performance as referenced here:

Roadmap Feature

Limited Release

Real-Time App Communication – Channel Updates The Appspace App is enhanced by leveraging the real-time app communication architecture, and replacing the current polling method. This upgrade will significantly improve user experience, reduce perceived issues, and decrease the load on our cloud infrastructure. Additionally, it will enable future capabilities and functionalities.

In this release, we introduce the new Push Notification mechanism that ensures Appspace registered devices receive immediate push notifications when Channels are published or modified, including playlist content changes by an Author.

Roadmap Feature
BrightSign – Device Properties Control BrightSign’s OS version 8.2.72 and BrightAuthor version 1.6.29 introduced a new feature that allows users to view and modify settings through the Properties Panel or API.

Leveraging on this feature, organizations now have the capabilities of controlling Appspace App device properties via

To ensure backward compatibility, this feature must be enabled in custom presentations or plugins, as the supervisor will not apply these settings by default.

Natively supported and enabled in BrightAuthor presentations version 1.6.29 or later, but requires manual activation for custom scripts.

Appspace App for Devices – Support for Windows 11 Support for Windows 11 on Appspace App for Devices.
Firmware Support
Appspace App for Devices – Support for iOS 17 Support for iOS 17 on Appspace App for Devices.
Firmware Support
Appspace App for Devices – Support for ChromeOS 120 Support for ChromeOS 120 on Appspace App for Devices.
Firmware Support