The Appspace Intranet 4.13 release notes contain valuable information on the latest features, enhancements, bug fixes, and resolved escalations available in each public cloud release. 

The following is the release management schedule as per our Release Calendar for Appspace Intranet:

  • New Appspace Intranet functionality and major platform optimizations will now be released under quarterly release cycle. 
  • Critical updates including security patches or emergency fixes that support the reliability and availability of the Appspace platform will be deployed as necessary and as soon as it is administratively feasible.

5 Apr 2024, Friday

Appspace Intranet with Aquarius (4.13)


Features Description
New Discovery Cards Control View The settings page for managing Discovery Cards has been revamped in this release, giving editorial managers, global and local administrators, and effective control over the default discovery cards that appear in users’ newsfeed. With a new settings page available in the Editorial Settings view, users can now independently activate or deactivate discovery cards. It is worth mentioning that discovery cards that are enabled globally will also be observable by local entities. Nevertheless, the ability to deactivate these cards will not be available to local administrators.
Editorial Experience Unification New Editor in Pages

Pages now offers a new editor. The users can create new pages using the same Editor available in Stories. With this update, we’ve implemented a robust migration process for existing pages to transition to a new editor, in response to user demand. When users need to edit any existing page, they’ll find a straightforward migration process to move to the new editor, with a confirmation step required. At this point, users can review all old content before proceeding to the new editor experience. This upgrade emphasizes that there’s a migration process in place for old pages, ensuring users can confidently finalize edits using the new, streamlined editor. It empowers users to seamlessly transition to the enhanced editor experience.

New Editor in Blogs in Communities 

As a result of user demand and Microsoft’s recent announcements on add-in deprecation, we  are migrating from the SharePoint Editor to our most recent editor version. This migration ensures a standardized editorial interface throughout various areas of the intranet.

  • New blog editor for communities replaces the SharePoint Editor.
  • Existing blog can be migrated  to the new editor.
  • A “My Drafts” tab within Blogs in communities makes draft blog posts easier to access.
SA Blogs Improvements This small change to the sorting logic greatly enhances post-sequencing accuracy, leading to a more streamlined and structured user experience. Users can now easily order the most recent blog posts by their publishing date, introducing a positive change to the platform. Moreover, a crucial addition for users of standalone blogs has been implemented, allowing them to enhance engagement by displaying the number of views for each blog post. This enhancement is crucial as it offers users a valuable tool to create even more engaging content.
Improvements on Activity Cards Feed Card Improvements

This release includes improvements to activity cards to ensure consistent signaling of new information in some activities, such as blog posts using a standard three-dot reference. User access to the detail page has been optimized, enabling users to click on either the title or text body for a more flexible and straightforward navigation experience.

Improvements for Responsive View During this release, we focused on enhancing your experience with responsive view UX improvements. Our goal is to ensure seamless usability across all devices and screen sizes, delivering a consistent and intuitive interface whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Through thoughtful design enhancements and optimizations, we’re committed to empowering you to effortlessly navigate and interact with our platform.

Here’s a summary of the improvements we’ve made:

  • Implemented an app carousel for smoother navigation on mobile screens.
  • Hidden the mobile app ribbon in responsive view for a cleaner interface.
  • Adapted the community view for better alignment of buttons on the top menu.
  • Hidden the Create Place button for improved mobile usability.
  • Prioritized the sharebox and latest shared news display in mobile community views.
  • Enhanced App Store view with improved top menu alignment.
  • Adjusted the profile view for a more user-friendly experience on mobile devices.
  • Improved snippets in community feeds for clearer content presentation.
  • Addressed a small clickable area issue for the Filter button in Community Responsive view.


  • BZP-18133 – After publishing a Question, Event, Idea, Wiki, Task, or Blog with paragraphed content, the formatting is lost, resulting in a straight line across contexts.
  • BZP-18560 – The title of the page in the profile page overview remains as ‘Page title’ if a corporate page has been created but not yet published.
  • BZP-19127 – On the Hero announcement ribbon, the image icon seems to be cut off when the content of the announcement covers two lines.
  • BZP-19240 – After manually adding images to the gallery, the twelfth image duplicates or misdisplays.
  • BZP-19248 – Authors linked to Stories or Pages cannot be removed while soft delete is enabled.
  • BZP-19501 – When a user receives an invitation to join a community, the German translation of the invitation is inaccurate.
  • BZP-19926 – Unable to edit the channel and topic name to change to upper or lowercase letters in Stories and Pages dashboard.
  • BZP-20149 – Draft pages created by Guest Writers don’t display titles or bodies in the User Profile’s Pages tab.
  • BZP-22469 – Long URL links exceed data space on the My Profile page.
  • BZP-22615 – Unable to update user profile picture for users with certain email addresses that contain periods and apostrophes.
  • BZP-22689 – When the user attempts to add an image to an existing widget, the image fails to upload.
  • BZP-23119 – Incorrect translations found in German, including “1 loben” for the singular “Lob” in a discovery card, the “load newer activities…” button in the Newsfeed showing older activities, and the “Documents” button needing to be renamed “Öffnen.”
  • BZP-23214 – The ‘Wiki Root page’ tab disappears when clicking on the other Wiki tabs options.
  • BZP-23256 –Encountered an issue where the search functionality in Sharepoint fails to retrieve results for words containing the ampersand symbol.
  • BZP-23686 – The screen reader to close the banner announcement is confusing.
  • BZP-23689 – The images in the story fail to display properly in the mobile view or when the desktop width is reduced, resulting in a white background instead of the image being displayed.
  • BZP-23795 – The words Report and By have an inaccurate translation in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
  • BZP-24153 – The screen reader does not read a warning for a moderated community.
  • BZP-24668 – On mobile browsers, the footer text is aligned to the left and not displayed properly, even if there is sufficient space available.
  • BZP-24694 – When the hyperlink is copied to the clipboard from the Share modal, there is no audible notification indicating the action. The only feedback provided is the label of the Copy link button when it is pressed.
  • BZP-24695 – The screen reader fails to announce the number of options available in the dropdown after a search, and it repeats the search word when navigating through options.
  • BZP-24698 – The screen reader does not inform the user of the character limitation on the link title when it is added under Quick links > My Shortcuts.
  • BZP-24760 –Inconsistencies arise in the display of bullet and numbered lists in both Preview and public views when multiple images are present.
  • BZP-24799 – User encounters an error when switching from owner to regulated status and attempting to save changes, despite retaining access to settings.
  • BZP-24805 –Pagination is not available in the community Files tab, limiting access to only the most recent 40 items.
  • BZP-24853 – When clicking the ellipsis menu in the Files tab on Profile, Community, or Corporate sites, the expanded menu appears hidden.
  • BZP-24977 The Filter button in the Community Responsive view is too small, requiring users to click precisely on the filter icon to trigger the pop-up.