These release notes provide information on the new features, enhancements, resolved escalations, and bug fixes completed in each release for the Industry Feeds card, which is also an Appspace supported card.

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For each release, the updates are pushed to the card template in the Library. Cards created prior to the latest release will not receive the latest updates. To get the latest feature or bug fix for this card, the card must be recreated with the latest template.

v 1.2

Release Date: 16 June 2021

The following UI improvements have been made on the Industry Feeds card, to improve the user experience:

  • Updated the border color on content tile to provide quick identification between selected and non-selected states.
  • Increased the content selection icon (circle) area to improve selecting or deselecting the content, as selection is restricted to only the circle itself, while clicking outside the circle (rest of the content tile), previews the content instead.
  • Updated the content frame to display in full within the card Edit screen, during the following states:
    • When there is no content available.
    • When content is filtered or searched, or when no results have been returned.
  • Updated the loading animation to display for the full frame, replacing the multiple loading indicators displayed in each section when the card is loaded for the first time.

Patch Updates

v 1.2.1

Release Date: 14 Jan 2022

Resolved Escalations
  • AE-7369 –  When an Industry Feed card that does not have scheduled content is added to an advanced channel’s Media Zone widget together with other content, the playback is disrupted.

v 1.1

Release Date: 23 Apr 2021

The following features and customizations are available on the Industry Feeds card:

  • Duplicate and unused fonts have been removed from the card in an effort to streamline and reduce the card size.
  • The default Content Category for the Industry Feeds card has been updated to None.
  • The Industry Feeds card has been categorized under the Feed template type, enabling users to quickly find the card by filtering by Template Type.

v 1.0

Release Date: 26 Feb 2021

The first version of this card is an Appspace Limited Release feature. Contact your Appspace Customer Success Manager to be a part of this Limited Release program and use this card.

The Industry Feeds card allows organizations to display premium content feeds based on the specific industries or high-level topics that have been created by Appspace.

The following features and customizations are available on the Industry Feeds card:

  • Display a single feed of industry or high-level topic-based content, with each being populated with a continuous schedule of videos created by Appspace. Each video remains current and displayed on the feed for up to 4 business days, after which will automatically disappear from the feed when the schedule expires.
  • Appspace currently offers the following premium content feeds that can be selected:
    • Corporate Culture
    • Dairy
    • Healthcare
    • Holidays and Observances (Eng)
    • Holidays and Observances (Eng, Sp)
    • Hospitality
    • Industrial (Eng)
    • Industrial (Eng, Sp)
    • Industrial and MSHA Alerts
    • Transportation (Eng)
    • Transportation (Eng, Sp)
    • Utility
    • Warehouse and Distribution (Eng)
    • Warehouse and Distribution (Eng, Sp)
    • Waste and Recycling
  • Only a single premium content feed can be selected, while multiple content items can be selected from that feed.
  • While most premium content feeds are in English, some premium content feeds may include dual-language content items, such as English and Spanish, which will have “(Eng, Sp)” appended after the premium content feed name. Selecting these premium content feeds allows for dual-language content to be displayed.
  • Ability to select, search, and review content to be included in the feed quickly, as each content is easily identified by its thumbnail image, title, playback duration, and past playback schedules.
  • Ability to preview content in its entirety before including the content in the feed.
  • Ability to select how many content items in the feed is displayed during playback:
    • All items: Displays all current and selected content items during playback.
    • 1: Displays only one current and selected content item per playback loop, as the card carousels through all current and selected content.
  • Ability to switch between “all content” and “only selected content” views.
  • Support for cached playback on supported devices, which automatically caches content selected in the Industry Content Collection card, allowing for decreased bandwidth usage, as well as the ability to still display if the device loses network connectivity. This feature is dependant and varies based on the capabilities and limitations of the device.
  • The card template has been assigned with the “Safety & Compliance” default content category.

For more information, instructions, and limitations, please refer to Cards: Display Industry Feeds article.